2022-2023 Cameron Parish Livestock Information and Packet


The Youth for the Quality Care of Animals program is an annual, web-based training required for all livestock exhibitors at LSU AgCenter livestock shows. There is a $12 annual charge for each exhibitor. The certification number, found on each exhibitor’s certificate which can be downloaded upon completion, will be a required field in Fair Entry and cross checked with reports from YQCA. The course can be found at www.yqcaprogram.org


How often does an exhibitor have to complete a course?

Since the curriculum is different each year, each exhibitor has to complete their appropriate age course annually.

Is the program specie specific?

No, the program is not specie specific. General knowledge that covers all species is included in each annual course.

How will agents know if their students have completed their course?

I will periodically receive a list from YQCA in order to cross check with Fair Entry. Upon request, I can share your most updated parish list of completions.

What will the exhibitors be learning each year in their web-based course?

I have attached a Curriculum Map for your reference.

Is the course smart phone compatible?

Yes, the course is easily accessible on a smart phone. Upon completion of the course on a smart phone, each participant will have the option to save the downloaded PDF to their photo, files, or other applications on their phone.

Approximately how long will it take the exhibitor to complete?

Ideally, each course is designed to be completed within one hour. Exhibitors can login and out as needed to complete the course in multiple settings.

Why is there an annual $12 fee for the web-based program?

The fee structure was established by the YQCA Board of Directors with the goal of covering the cost of the program as a not-for-profit establishment. $0.36 = credit card fees (typically); $5.00 = technical/user support, email and phone support, based in U.S.; $5.00 = online system hosting, maintenance, ongoing development, security and privacy assurance; $1.64 = stays with YQCA to invest in ongoing curriculum development and revision, program management, and promotion


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