Entering Livestock Animals in 4-H Online

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Validation Deadlines

Animals must be in continuous possession of exhibitor, tag assigned, and DNA/hair samples must be submitted to parish LSU AgCenter office by listed deadline.

  • August 15th
    Market Steers
  • November 7th
    Market Sheep/Goat
    Commercial Dairy/Beef/Sheep/Goats
  • December 2nd
    Market Swine and Commercial Gilts

Possession Deadlines

Animals must be in continuous possession of exhibitor by this deadline. Registration papers must be submitted within 30 days of possession deadline.

  • November 7th
    Registered Beef/Dairy/Sheep/Goats
    Exhibition Poultry
  • November 14th
    Miniature Beef Cattle
  • December 7th
    Registered Swine

You can now start entering animals on 4-H Online! Please submit a copy of your registration paper(s) to the 4-H Office as soon as you get them, so we can upload them with your animal entry.

Please visit Animal Entry for 4-H Online (lsuagcenter.com) for step-by-step instructions on how to enter your Livestock animals as deadline will approach quickly.

Information, Tips, and Deadlines for entering Animals into 4-H Online

  • Deadlines for 4-Hers to have animals entered by are the possession/validations dates already established for this year for each respective type and specie. The only exception is Market Steers; they will have until Nov. 1st to enter them in.
  • Agents are allowed to enter and approve animal entries until Dec. 31st.
  • Registration papers and Dairy Lease Affidavits are to be uploaded by the Agent when approving the entry. This allows the agent to cross-check data entered for any corrections that need to be made. Please do not approve the entry until you have the registration ready to be uploaded.
  • Animals requiring validations should only be approved after agents have receive the validation envelope for the respective animal.
  • 4-H Online is not a tailor-made program and as such certain form fields had to be adapted. There are descriptions specifying what is needed in each field, but sometimes these descriptions are in smaller print and may not always be easily read. The list of these changes are as follows:
    • Home Raised is for Louisiana Bred. Select “Yes” if the animal is LA Bred.
    • License Number is for the Louisiana Bred Tag Number.
  • When entering Exhibition Poultry, the fields are as follows:
    • Tag would be the leg band number
    • Colors and Markings is the Variety/Color (i.e. – white, blue, barred, buff, etc.)
    • Type of Poultry is whether the bird is Standard or Bantam.
  • Broilers are not in the system yet but will be added in due time.
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