From Clovers to College

In a recent interview, LSU student body president and Iberia Parish 4-H alumnus Stewart Lockett reflects on the effect 4-H has had on his life and how it has prepared him to lead at LSU.

What is your 4-H background?

I joined 4-H in the fourth grade and have since held several leadership positions, including treasurer, secretary and president. I got involved with Junior Leaders in the seventh grade, where I got an interest in exercise studies and fitness. I took that interest and began competing at 4-H University in my eighth-grade year. I competed in the cook-off for two years and Career Preparation for another two years and Solutions Unlimited for one. I also have served three years as a camp counselor at Grant Walker Educational Center.

What is your favorite 4-H memory?

My favorite memory in 4-H was being able to go to the San Antonio educational trip after winning the Solutions Unlimited contest at 4-H University.

How do you feel that 4-H contributed to your participation in college and getting involved?

4-H has given me ample experience to facilitate small groups and present to larger groups. This experience has given me the confidence to express myself in front of public officials and large audiences.

What experience in 4-H influenced you the most or taught you the biggest lesson?

The ability to compete against students from across the state and not win taught me the biggest lesson in 4-H. Being from a small town, it is easy to think you are the best or that your idea is the right way. I believe losing to other teams from across the state was a humbling experience and made me appreciate other leaders.

What does 4-H mean to you?

4-H, to me, is a family. Many people that I work with on campus and across the state were in 4-H with me. Those connections run deep. I have faith in those people to have the skill set and the heart to watch over the state.

Do you feel that 4-H prepared you for life after high school?

I feel that 4-H has prepared me for life after high school. 4-H and the Career Preparation contest at 4-H University actually helped me a get a job on LSU campus. That job turned into more networking that I still use to this day.

This article appears in the Louisiana 4-H 2019 Annual Report.
Portrait of Stewart Lockett
LSU student body president and 4-H alumnus Stewart Lockett
7/22/2019 8:27:33 PM
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