Nutrient BMPs for Golf Courses in Louisiana and Mississippi

Jeffrey Beasley, Strahan, Ronald E., LeBlanc, Brian D.  |  3/26/2018 8:58:39 PM

Golf courses in Louisiana and Mississippi provide recreational areas for many communities. These turfgrass areas are intensely managed to provide both suitable aesthetics and playability. As a part of any turfgrass management program, fertilizers are often needed to grow a healthy, dense turf. However, improper application of fertilizers can have negative impacts on turfgrass growth and surface and ground waters. Essential plant nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, can become pollutants. Excessive nutrient concentrations in water can accelerate algae and plant growth in streams, lakes and ponds, resulting in oxygen depletion or critically low dissolved oxygen levels. This condition is referred to as nutrient enrichment or hypoxia and is a major concern in many water bodies along the Gulf of Mexico. By developing and implementing knowledge-based fertility plans and best management practices, golf course superintendents can provide a healthy, aesthetically pleasing turf, protect the environment and, in some cases, save money.

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