Horticulture Hints Summer 2017

Kathryn Fontenot, Rouse, Lee, Stevens, Jr., J. Cheston, Singh, Raghuwinder, Gill, Daniel J., Strahan, Ronald E., Himelrick, David G., Sexton, Mary

In this issue:

Evaluate Trees for High Winds
Colorful Summer Flowers
Using Color
Snails and Slugs
Gardener’s Most Valuable Tool
Beware the Heat
Vacation Plant Care
Deadheading Flowers
Checklist for Summer
Vegetables to Plant in June, July and August
LouEASYana Gardening-Tomatoes
Vegetable Crop Highlights
Tips for Summer Care of Turfgrass
Fertilizing the Lawn
Insect Pests
Choosing a Home Fruit Crop
Controlling Insects and Diseases of Fruit
Potential Fruit Cultural Problems
Planning the Home Fruit Planting
Best Homeowner Fruit Crop Choices
Southern bacterial wilt and southern blight of tomatoes, bell peppers and eggplants
Butterfly Gardening
“Soil-less” Mixes Are Not Soil

(online only) See pdf for more detail.

6/9/2017 8:09:33 PM
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