Saying Thank You

“Make the Best Better” – Louisiana 4-H volunteers do just that! Volunteer recognition is a vital part of not only retaining volunteers but also in recruiting new ones. Try these tips on saying “thank you” to your volunteers:

  • Feature volunteer stories in your local media outlets and on your social media sites.
  • Verbally thank volunteers and communicate with them regularly.
  • Send out handwritten thank you notes (from you and from the youth) to all volunteers shortly following an event.
  • Work with local shops and businesses to provide volunteers with discounts or gift cards.
  • Make scheduling simple by creating an annual events calendar for volunteers to sign up to assist at events.
  • Invite volunteers and their families to attend other 4-H/LSU AgCenter events to network.
  • Provide volunteers with appropriate training opportunities.
  • Offer volunteers snacks/goodies during the event they are assisting with; Pinterest has TONS of cute ideas.
  • Ask volunteers for program feedback and actively listen to their suggestions.
  • Highlight and communicate the impact that each individual volunteer contribution is having on your 4-H program.
  • Make your volunteers time commitment meaningful (do not waste time).
  • Promote volunteers to new roles that leverage their skills and abilities.
  • Create a volunteer recognition board to highlight those going above and beyond.
  • Provide volunteers with letters of reference to assist in their career goals.
  • Offer volunteers the opportunity to fill leadership roles.
  • Deploy gamification (using games or game like elements) to make volunteering more fun.
  • Interact with and thank volunteers for their commitment via social media.
  • Send volunteers personalized notes on birthdays/other special dates.
  • Provide volunteers free shirts (it is something they will wear AND 4-H gets free marketing).
  • Use exit interviews to understand why volunteers are leaving (show them you care).
  • Create a folder for volunteers that tells the 4-H story and how to contact you or other appropriate individuals.
  • Encourage 4-H clubs to “adopt-a-volunteer” to send notes/treats to “their” volunteers.
  • Be accommodating to volunteers and their personal needs.
  • Provide volunteers with on-the-job praise.
  • Make an effort to introduce volunteers to other volunteers to build friendships.
  • Provide volunteers with the Louisiana 4-H Volunteer Leaders Association website. It offers wonderful resources and a mentoring program.

Source: Adapted from volunteerhub blog.

7/17/2019 4:01:03 PM
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