COVID-19 Information Posters for Customers and Employees

Wenqing Xu, Watts, Evelyn

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Keep your distance PDF

Spread out.

Allow 6 feet between yourself and others. That’s more than the length of one shopping cart.


Shopping carts and basket disinfection PDF

Out of wipes? Bring your own next time.

Wipe the cart well and remember to clean and disinfect your hands after shopping.


Produce area sign for customers PDF

Protect yourself and others.

Use a bag to pick your fruits and veggies to minimize barehanded contact.


No self-service available for customers PDF

For your protection, we temporarily closed the self-service line.

Droplets from a cough or sneeze can contaminate ready-to-eat food.



Keep your distance PDF

Take a break. Separately.

Droplets from a sneeze or cough can travel far. Allow 6 feet between yourself and others.


Cashier area sign for employees PDF

Keep your distance from customers and keep the counter disinfected.

1. Remove visible residue with a wet paper towel.

2. Apply disinfectant and allow the recommended contact time.

3. Let the counter air dry.

3/24/2020 6:59:59 PM
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