Arthur Villordon

Villordon, Arthur O.
Title Professor
Department Sweet Potato Research Station
Address 1 P. O. Box 120
Chase, LA 71324
Phone 318-435-2155
Fax 318-435-2110

Recent publications:

Villordon, A., D. LaBonte, J. Solis, and N. Firon. 2012. Characterization of Lateral Root Development at the Onset of Storage Root Initiation in ‘Beauregard’ Sweetpotato Adventitious Roots. HortScience 47:961-968.

Villordon, A. R.Sheffield, J. Rojas, and Y. Chiu. 2011. Development of simple Bayesian belief and decision networks as interactive visualization tools for determining optimal in-row spacing for 'Beauregard' sweetpotato. HortScience 46:1588-1597.

Villordon, A., D. LaBonte, and J. Solis. 2011. Using a scanner-based Minirhizotron System to Characterize Sweetpotato Adventitious Root Development During the Initial Storage Storage Root Bulking Stage. HortScience 46:948-949.

LaBonte, D., C.A. Clark, T.P. Smith, and A.Q.Villordon. 2011. 'Bonita' Sweetpotato. HortScience 46:948-949.

Villordon, A., J. Solis, C. Clark, and D. Labonte. 2010. Development of a prototype Bayesian network model representing the relationship between fresh market yield and some agroclimatic variables known to influence storage root initiation in sweetpotato. HortScience 45:1167-1177.

Villordon, A., C. Clark, T. Smith, D. Ferrin, and D. Labonte. 2010. Combining linear regression and machine learning approaches to identify consensus variables related to optimum sweetpotato transplanting date. HortScience 45:684-686.

Yada, B., P. Tukamuhabwa, A. Villordon, A. Alajo, and R.O.M Mwanga. 2010. An online database of sweetpotato germplasm collection in Uganda. HortScience 45:153.

Clark, C. A., Smith, T. P., Ferrin, D. M., and Villordon, A. Q. 2010. Performance of sweetpotato foundation seed after incorporation into commercial operations in Louisiana. HortTechnology 20:977-982.

Villordon, A., D.R. LaBonte, N. Firon, Y. Kfir, E. Pressman, and A. Schwartz. 2009. Characterization of adventitious root development in sweetpotato. HortScience 44:651-655.

Villordon, A., D. R. LaBonte, and N. Firon. 2009. Development of a simple thermal time method for describing the onset of morpho-anatomical features related to sweetpotato storage root formation. Scientia Horticulturae 121:374-377.

Villordon, A., C. Clark, D. Ferrin, and D. Labonte. 2009. Using growing degree days, agrometeorological variables, linear regression, and data mining methods to help improve prediction of sweetpotato harvest date in Louisiana. HortTechnology 19:133-144.

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An integrated approach to sweetpotato production research that incorporates the fundamental basis of storage root formation as key to the development of better management practices. Current areas of investigation include:

• Development of model-based decision support tools for optimum storage root production under various agroclimatic conditions.
• Integration of sensor-derived information in management decision making.
• Increased production efficiency through a storage root phenology-based optimization of irrigation, nutrient, and tillage inputs.
• Understanding root architecture and storage root development responses to low nutrient, drought, and flooding conditions.
• Evaluation of preharvest cultural practices that contribute to improved storability.

• Ph.D. Horticulture – Louisiana State University, 1995
• M.S. Plant Breeding – University of the Philippines at Los Baños, 1989
• B.S. Agriculture – Visayas State College of Agriculture, 1983

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