2011 Washington Parish Dairy Advisory Committee Meeting

Vinicius Moreira, Bardwell, Ronald D.  |  12/2/2011 2:49:49 AM

Washington Parish
Dairy Advisory Committee Meeting
August 2, 2011

The Washington Parish Dairy Advisory Committee Meeting was held Tuesday, August 2, 2011 at the Washington Parish Extension office. Members present were Kenny Ray Gill, Phillip Roberts, Aubrey Posey, Dr. Charlie Hutchinson, Ronnie Bardwell, and Lacey Keating. Others participating were Henry Harrison, Tom Branch, Dr. Bobby Fletcher, Jr. and Mark Williams.

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Mr. J. Paul Alford, vice-chairman.

Dr. Bobby Fletcher, Jr. Southeast Regional Director, spoke a few minutes about the situation with the LSU AgCenter. Chancellor Richardson is contemplating filing “financial exigency” for the LSU AgCenter. The LSU Board of Supervisors would have to approve this request. Dollars into the LSU AgCenter are down 27% from the last few years. Another 12% reduction is proposed this October.

Ronnie enlightened the committee about why we are here, that is to come together to discuss dairy educational programs for the upcoming year. In the spring, 2012 the Advisory Committee will meet again to discuss the “Dairy Day” activity.

Mark Williams, Extension Associate, discussed the “Social Media” concept and the responsibilities with the LSU AgCenter Animal Science division. He has developed the Animal Science and LSU Dairy store web page. Some of his comments included what a Mr. Gilmer, Alabama dairyman, has done with his social media skills. Additional discussion was “How do we, as the LSU AgCenter, get more dairymen involved in programs?” One suggestion was to find a very active spouse (woman) that likes the social media movement and involve that person in the near future.

Lacey Keating discussed the Broadband Initiative and presented “Connect My Louisiana” She gave the committee an update of bringing internet service to rural Washington Parish and other neighboring parishes. She also introduced members of the Advisory Committee to “clickers”, an electronic device that allows participants to present their response to questions with instantaneous results without other participants being made aware of their response.

Ronnie discussed some products that are being sold. The first was “Sugar lime”, a product being sold by a local dairyman as a liming agent coming from the sugar plant in Chalmette. Be aware of the moisture and the calcium carbonate equivalent (C.C.E.) of the product before agreeing to a price. The second product was ethanol distillers solubles, a feed by-product that could be used as a protein and energy substitute for soybean meal with some feeding restrictions. Dr. McCormick will probably have a feeding trial (milking herd) with this by-product this fall. The third topic discussed was corn gluten feed (damaged) as a soil amendment to reduce fertilizer cost in planting winter pastures. Research at the SERS is ongoing and it will be next year before the full results will be completed.

The dairy educational programs that were also discussed included dairy business analysis, fescue demonstration and verification study (dry cow treatment, DCT, of springing dairy heifers). Other activities that were discussed included reorganizing the statewide dairymen’s association, Association of Louisiana Milk Producers, and ALaMP. It was suggested to send a letter to all dairymen to see if producers were interested in reorganizing. LA Family Farms, the dairymen group that is looking to process a Louisiana milk product and put it in stores for retail sales was also discussed.

General comments about Washington Parish Dairy Day were made and it was strongly suggested to keep Dairy Day on the farm. Many dairymen’s families participated at Troy Ingram’s dairy and enjoyed the activity.

Lunch was served at noon and the meeting was adjourned afterward.

Comments were made by Ronnie Bardwell about the speaker, Dr. Ron. He had heard him recently at the LA Farm Bureau Convention Dairy Commodity meeting. The speaker from the University of Nebraska gave a very receptive seminar about successful ways to engage family members about estate planning. Dr. Ron Harrell, Farm Bureau Dairy Commodity Director, has indicated that if the dairymen would be receptive to have Dr. Ron back in Louisiana for another seminar, Farm Bureau would be the sponsor. November 2011 was mentioned as a possible date.

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