2010 Washington Parish Dairy Advisory Meeting

Vinicius Moreira, Bardwell, Ronald D.  |  12/2/2011 4:05:14 AM

Washington Parish Dairy Advisory
March 25, 2010
10:00 a.m.

The Washington Parish Dairy Advisory meeting was held at the Cooperative Extension Service office on March 25, 2010 at 10:00 a.m. Present were Russell Creel, Lacey Keating, James Creel, Charles Hutchison, Mark Williams, Aubrey Posey, Troy Ingram, Tony Harrison, J. Paul Alford, Kenneth Gill, Mike McCormick and Ronnie Bardwell.

Russell Creel, Chairperson, called the meeting to order. Lacey spoke to the group and then got lunch ordered. Charlie Hutchison, Dairy specialist with LSU Ag Center stated that in 2009, Washington Parish has 58 dairy herds with 6452 cows with milk produced at 83,475,317 pounds. Fourteen parishes had at least one herd. In 2008, Louisiana had 186 herds, but in 2009, herd numbers reduced to 163. Cow numbers decreased from 23,218 to 20,105 from 2008 to 2009. The total pounds of milk produced in 2008 were 316.1 million, a decrease from 2009 of 273 million. Approximately 93 percent of Louisiana production was from the three dairy parishes in the Southeast and including DeSoto. Dr. Hutchison also discussed pay prices about LSU dairy at Baton Rouge from 2000 – 2009.

Other comments included supply management in southeast; Class I mover August, and USDA MCLC program to begin in April 2010. No Cooperative Working Together (C.W.T.) program will be forth coming.

Tony Harrison with Federal Milk Marketing office stated that a suggestion to decouple class I price form cheese price (class IV) was getting some attention.

Mike McCormick, Southeast Research Station director informed the committee about the research and budget cuts. A reduction of six employees at the station in the last year has occurred and things could get tighter.

Research on Hay Injector for 8 weeks showed an increase on 50% intake on hay that been injected with a molasses based solution over non-injected round bale of hay. The grazing study of Jersey x Holstein cows is being completed and economic numbers are being analyzed. A 2 pasture system was being contrasted to a 20 pasture system. Dr. Vinny Moreria is currently looking at phosphorus levels in a dairy study. Dr. Han, Agronomist at SERS, has research on varieties of clovers, and sweet sorghum as an ethanol source. Planting of sorghum will be done after April 15. Two varieties of sorghum sudan, BMR 106 & 108 will be planted this summer for possible baleage. A study on waste management is on going. Dr. Han and Mike have a Louisiana Cattleman’s Association rye grass study at Rosepine Research Station.

Ronnie gave the treasurer’s report. In 2009, $1,790 was collected for Dairy Day Programs, including $1,000 from Dairy Promotion Board of Louisiana Department of Ag & Forestry. $1496.01 was spent for dairy day on coffee, meal and supplies.

Washington Parish Agricultural Foundation donated a $1,000.00 toward a Dairy Day account. Russell Creel will open and account at local Hancock bank and it was agreed by the committee to have three producers. J. Paul Alford, Kenny Gill and Russell Creel on signature card and have checks on account with two signatures required.

Troy made the motion, seconded by Kenny Ray. Motion carried.

Ronnie reported to committee that the St. Helena / Tangipahoa Dairy Advisory Committee would like for the Washington Parish Dairy Day to join with them to establish a Southeast Dairy Day. After much discussion, Russell Creel concluded to have at least this year’s Dairy Day in Washington Parish. Dairymen would be contacted about their wants and encouraged them to participate at Dairy Day. Mike McCormick extended the invitation at have Dairy Day at SERS and was accepted. Because of a tour to Purina research facility in St. Louis Missouri would take place on the first Wednesday in June, the Washington Parish Dairy Day will be held on Friday, June 4, 2010. Dr. Han will have a tour of his research at the station for the Dairy Day Program.

In the absence of Dr. Bobby Fletcher, Jr., interim regional director (southeast region) and assistant director of Cooperative Extension Service, Dr. Charlie Hutchison informed the committee about a new educational program, Louisiana Youth Agricultural Producer Program. LaYAPP is sponsored by La Farm Bureau and LSU AgCenter for 11th and 12th graders for the 2010 and 2011 school year. Candidates are nominated and interviewed. Participants pay $200 and will include 15 youth the first year. This program will be held from July 19-23 and each participant will have a mentor. Deadline this year is April 15. Additional information can be obtained through 4-H agents and /or on line, LSU AgCenter.com web site. Graduation will be held at Farm Bureau Convention in July 2011. A $500 stipend will be given to graduates.

Ronnie discussed the dairy survey in detail and forth coming educational programs will be developed from the needs of dairymen obtained from survey.

Meal was served.

Motion to adjourn was made by J. Paul and second by Aubrey. Motion carried.

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