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Roguing is an integral part of foundation seed production. It involves walking the seed production field and physically removing any off-type rice plants or noxious weeds.


50 lb Sacks of Foundation Seed Rice

Foundation seed rice has been produced by the LSU AgCenter’s H. Rouse Caffey Rice Research Station for distribution to Louisiana farmers since 1949. The station's seed rice program was instituted in response to the critical shortage of pure planting stocks that existed during and after World War II. Since its inception, the program has made available to Louisiana growers more than 169,600 cwt. of pedigreed stock of 45 rice varieties.

Foundation seed rice, the planting stock from which registered and certified seed are produced, is the farmer's link with the work of the plant breeder. It is the product of hybridization and successive generations of selection and testing to establish its value as crop seed and eventually as a commercial commodity. For this reason, foundation seed and the basic stocks from which it is produced must be grown and conditioned in a manner that will ensure that viability is maintained and that it be genetically pure and free from mechanical mixtures or contamination by noxious weeds.

Through the H. Rouse Caffey Rice Research Station's seed program, Louisiana farmers may obtain seed rice of improved varieties developed through the station’s breeding program and of established commercial varieties originating either at Crowley or at research centers in neighboring states.

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