Louisiana Cotton Disease Atlas

Philip R. Vernon, Colyer, Patrick D.  |  4/7/2005 10:43:16 PM

Diseases cause significant losses in cotton production throughout the Cotton Belt. In 2000, losses in Louisiana caused by diseases were an estimated 14.5% or more than 141,000 bales. The recognition and management of diseases are essential for successful cotton production.

This Cotton Disease Atlas was prepared to assist cotton producers in the proper identification of cotton diseases and to create an awareness of the importance of cotton diseases. The diagnosis of diseases based on symptoms alone, however, is not recommended. The symptoms of different diseases are often similar. In most cases, a correct diagnosis requires direct observation of the plant and/or culturing of infectious agents.
References, like this atlas, that list the diseases and their causes are helpful in narrowing the cause of a disease. Users of this reference are encouraged to seek the assistance of trained professionals to verify the cause of a disease. Improper diagnosis can lead to incorrect disease management decisions. This reference is directed to cotton producers in Louisiana, so only diseases that commonly occur in Louisiana are presented.
This Cotton Disease Atlas presents a brief description of the symptoms of the disease and potential yield losses, the causal agent and a brief outline of the conditions that result in the disease occurrence, and some management options. Photos of symptoms described in the text may be observed by clicking on the highlighted word or phrase that describes the symptom. The information contained in this document is not meant to be exhaustive.

For more detailed scientific information or information on other diseases, please consult other sources. The Compendium of Cotton Diseases (American Phytopathological Society Press: St. Paul, MN) is an excellent source.

The mention of specific products or cultivars is not intended as an endorsement by the authors, the Red River Research Station or the Louisiana State University Agricultural Center.

Louisiana Cotton Disease Atlas

Cotton boll showing rot symptoms
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