2008 Pecan Show Results

John R. Pyzner  |  2/15/2008 2:32:40 AM

The 2008 Louisiana State Pecan Show made an excellent exhibit at Ag Expo in West Monroe, January 18-19, 2008, with 99 entries from 19 yard and commercial growers from across the state. Entries included representatives from 28 named varieties and 29 native/seedlings.

Ag Expo had an attendance of approximately 7,500, which gave good exposure to the Pecan Show. Show visitors became more knowledgeable about pecan varieties, nut quality, culture, pest management, variety selection, recipes and health benefits. Pecan Show blue ribbon winners also will be displayed at the SW Louisiana Garden Festival at Lake Charles in March and at the Pecan Producers of Louisiana Annual Meeting and the Louisiana Pecan Growers Association annual meeting both held in June.

Pecan Show Results

Grand Champion In-Shell Pecan and Best of Show: 
Forket, submitted by Susan Wilson of Coushatta

Reserve Champion In-Shell Pecan:
Pawnee, submitted by Bill Beasley of Ferriday

Grand Champion Shelling Pecan:
Caddo, submitted by Bill Beasley of Ferriday

Reserve Champion Shelling Pecan:
Elliott, submitted by Ben Littlepage of Colfax

Grand Champion Native/Seedling Pecan:
small native designated RT3, submitted by Susan Wilson
Reserve Champion Native/Seedling Pecan:
large seedling designated L-1, submitted by Paul Laird of West Monroe

Novelty Winner - Smallest Pecan:
native named Allbritton (475 nuts/pound), submitted by Nathan Allbritton of Coushatta

Novelty Winner - Largest Pecan:
Podsednik (34 nuts/pound), submitted by Bob Williams of Newelton

The following entries are the variety blue ribbon winners:

In-shell Division:
Natchitoches Pecans, Inc. of Cloutierville – Branch
Bill Beasley – Cape Fear, Desirable, Nacona and Pawnee
Stormi Adcox, Southern Belle Pecans, of Rayville – Jackson
David Soignier, Double S Farms & Orchards of Bosco – Sumner and Houma
Bob Williams – Kiowa, Podsednik and Schley
Susan Wilson – Creek, Forkert and Oconee
Paul Laird – Owens
Hilary Langlois of Ventress – P-Cou-2
Gunter Mansford Farms of Tallulah – Stuart

Shelling Division:
Ben Littlepage – Elliott
Stormi Adcox – Sioux
Hilary Langlois – Moreland
Gunter Mansford Farms – Carmen
Bill Beasley – Caddo and Candy
Natchitoches Pecan, Inc. – Melrose

Native/Seedling Division:
Paul Laird – Large Seedling (L-1)
Hilary Langlois – Medium Native (Water Trough)
Susan Wilson – Small Native (RT3)

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