Four-flap Grafting Method

Randy S. Sanderlin, Burnham, Katherine S.  |  9/30/2010 6:12:29 PM

Step 1: While working with scions, be sure to keep them cool. Find a scion with several buds that is the same size as the rootstock to be grafted

Step 3: Make four vertical cuts through the bark about one and one-half inches long and equally spaced around the circumference of the rootstock by carefully pushing the knife blade into the bark.

Step 5: Cut and remove the exposed stock taking care not to damage the four flaps.

Step 2: Cut the rootstock straight across with pruing shears at the point at which the graft will be made. It may then be helpful to place a rubber band around the rootstock to help hold the flaps in place around the scion later on.

Step 4: Peel back the four flaps of bark to expose the cambium. Be careful to not damage the flaps.

Step 6: Cut the scion on four sides with a sharp knife starting about one and one-half inches from the bottom end. Be sure to make the cuts only through the bark of the scion.

Step 7: Insert the scion on the rootstock and cover the cuts on the scion with the flaps of the rootstock matching them up as closely as possible so that as much as possible of the exposed cambium is covered.

Step 8: Push the rubber band up around the flaps to hold the flaps in place around the scion.

Step 9: Wrap the cut areas with grafting tape, overlapping each wrap enough to provide a complete seal.

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