Bandana Lantana - Warm-season Bedding Plant

Regina P. Bracy, Gill, Daniel J., Owings, Allen D.

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Bandana lantana 'Cherry Sunrise'

Do you love how easy lantanas are to grow in your garden?

Have you often wished for a lantana in a smaller, more manageable size?

Bandana lantanas are the answer to this gardening dilemma.

Bandana lantanas have compact mounding habit without the lankiness of traditional lantana. Growing only 20-24" tall and 24" wide, the Bandana lantanas maintain a tight and dense mound.

Although the Bandana lantana is a smaller size, it is still as heat-, humidity- and drought-tolerant as traditional lantana. Butterflies and hummingbirds are attracted to this plant, but deer are resistant to feeding on lantana.

Bandana lantanas have a variety of unique and brilliant flower colors. The very large flowers cover the plant from summer through fall.

This Louisiana Super Plant combines all the good traits of traditional lantana in a compact plant. How super is that?

Growing information

  • Warm-season bedding plant
  • Full sun
  • Grows 20-24" tall by 24" wide
  • Space 15" apart
  • Plant after danger of frost through midsummer
2/23/2013 1:08:01 AM
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