Caladium variety recommendations for sun and shade in Louisiana

Regina P. Bracy, Chen, Yan  |  10/17/2012 8:10:58 PM

Caladiums are wonderful foliage plants that add color to Southern landscapes from May to October. Variety trials in full sun and partial shade were conducted at the Hammond Research Station in 2011 and 2012.

A total of 56 cultivars were evaluated for landscape performance. Top-performing cultivars are recommended based on their overall visual quality, which was evaluated on a scale of 1 to 10, considering plant size, uniformity, shape, fullness and sun tolerance. Ratings of 2 indicate very poor quality, 4 = below average, 6 = average, 8 = good and 10 = excellent quality.

Ratings above 7 are considered acceptable, and ratings above 9 are considered premium qualities in landscape display. Specific ratings for each cultivar can be found in the attached pdf file.

Top-performing cultivars in SUN and SHADE: those received visual quality ratings above 8 for two consecutive months in both years.

  • Fancy-leaf red: Fire Chief
  • Fancy-leaf pink: Carolyn Whorton, Elise
  • Fancy-leaf white: Moonlight, Garden White
  • Fancy-leaf multicolor: Tapestry

  • Lance-leaf red: Red Ruffles
  • Lance-leaf pink: Florida Sweetheart
  • Lance-leaf white: Mt. Everest, White Delight, White Dynasty, White Ruffles
  • Lance-leaf multicolor: Candyland, Raspberry Moon

NEW cultivars performed well in SUN and SHADE in 2012:

  • Bombshell: lance-leaf red
  • Hearts Delight: lance-leaf red
  • Cherry Tart: lance-leaf red
  • Celebration: fancy-leaf multicolor
  • Highlighter: lance-leaf chartreuse
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