Demonstration Garden Updates

Louisiana Super Plants – May 2020

Plants installed in the Louisiana Super Plants (LSP) Demonstration Garden held over from 2019 include Bandana Lantana, Homestead Purple Verbena, Supervista Bubblegum Petunia, and Lemon Sedum. The verbena and petunia continued flowering regularly throughout the cooler winter months and began flowering profusely as the weather turned warmer. Our lantana was slow to take off coming out of winter, but, as with the previously mentioned plants, started flowering once we reached warmer temperatures in May. The Lemon Sedum is slowly starting to spread and take over as a ground cover as we enter the second year with these plants. Small Celosia transplants were installed in late March/early April, but the plants really have not done much growing up to this point. Other transplants in the front sign bed include Little Ruby Alternanthera, Butterfly Penta, and Senorita Rosalita Cleome.

Louisiana Super Plants installed with other plantings around the building in early 2019 include Belinda’s Dream Rose, Popcorn Drift Roses, Shi Shi Gashira Camellia, Mrs. Schiller’s Delight Viburnum, and Leslie Ann Camellia. The roses performed nicely throughout the remainder of 2019 and have continued to grow and bloom as the weather warmed up with the spring and summer months.We lost one of the viburnums to drought stress and will need to replace this fall. The camellias have continued to grow in their location on the north side of the building, with the Shi Shi Gashira variety fairing slightly better than the Leslie Ann.

Louisiana Super Plants – November 2019

With the cooler temperatures, cool season Louisiana Super Plants were installed in either the front sign bed or in containers on the covered patio. Cool season plants installed included Sorbet Violas, Delphinium, Foxglove, Columbine, and two varieties of Dianthus.

By this time, most of the warm season annuals have been removed from the landscape or containers. The Supervista Bubblegum Petunia and Homestead Purple Verbena continue to flower, and likely continue to do so until our first hard freeze.

Louisiana Super Plants – June 2019

Several containers with Louisiana Super Plants were placed on the Dean Lee Research and Extension Center’s front porch back in April.The Little Ruby Alternanthera is exhibiting an increase in the green colorations as compared to the alternanthera planted in full sun. However, the alternanthera place on the porch does have a nice size (about 1.5-2’ feet tall) and the foliage colors are quite striking. The Baby Wing Begonias are continuing to grow and flower and have filled in the containers quite nicely.

Plants in our LSP Demonstration Garden are performing well. The Gaillardia plants are getting bigger and are full of blooms, though one of the plants is significantly smaller than the others.Our Bandana Lantana plants were slow to emerge from winter dormancy, though the leaves are fully emerged, and the plants are in full bloom. Our Lemon Sedum, Butterfly Pentas, Homestead Purple Verbena, and Supervista Bubblegum Petunia are all growing and spreading, with the latter two blooming profusely. The Intenz Classic Celosia is starting the grow out of the stunted state but hasn’t yet begun to bloom reliably.

Our Louisiana Super Plant foundation plantings are slowly beginning to grow. The Popcorn Drift Roses and Belinda’s Dream Rose have both increased in size since the initial installation earlier this spring. The Leslie Ann Camellia seems to be struggling more than the Mrs. Schiller’s Delight Viburnum and Shi Shi Gashira Camellia.We’ll keep an eye on the Leslie Ann Camellia and further investigate on the slower acclimatization to that planting area.

Louisiana Super Plants – April 2019

Louisiana Super Plants plant materials were installed in containers on the front porch, as well as planted in the ground around the front sign and along the building as foundation plantings. The LSP material located on the front porch is experiencing a bit of transplant shock. The torenias are not performing very well in this location, as it is suspected they receive too much afternoon sun. The Little Ruby Alternanthera and Baby Wing Begonias are both performing nicely.

In the demonstration bed with the LSU AgCenter sign located in front of the building, the Intenz Classic Celosia and Butterfly Pentas are noted as being stunted at this phase. At this time, the celosia is extremely stunted, has very few leaves, but is covered in blooms. The pentas are not quite as short as the celosia, but they are on the small side. The Homestead Purple Verbena is displaying an interesting characteristic in that one plant is upright, while the other is expressing the traditional ‘trailing’ growth characteristic. Along the border of the demonstration garden, the Bandana Lantana is slow to emerge from winter dormancy.

Louisiana Super Plants – March 2019

All of the Louisiana Super Plants plant material was purchased in March 2019, with the exception of the Bandana Lantanas and ‘Popcorn’ Drift Roses which were purchased and installed in 2018. Planting took place over several days – March 20, March 21, and April 9, 2019.

For more information on the specific plants installed in the demonstration gardens, please see the ‘Louisiana Super Plants’ section on this website.

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