A View of Crawfish Farming

Kate Carpenter  |  2/10/2006 2:11:00 AM

Aerators are put in the ponds at the Aquaculture Research Station to provide more oxygen to the crawfish and encourage them to be active.

Another view of a crawfish pond aerator at the Aquaculture Research Station.

Crawfish traps are baited with fish or manufactured bait and placed in the ponds. This trap is not submerged as much as a trap normally would be.

Crawfish enter the traps through holes in the corners. The holes are marked here with foam tubes.

Crawfish farmers use flat-bottom boats and drive through the ponds emptying and re-baiting their traps.

The catch is put into mesh bags, and used bait is thrown out. This used bait is quite a treat for the birds and other wildlife on the farm!

This crawfish trap has holes where crawfish can enter on three sides of the trap.

One type of bait used in crawfish farming is pogie, or menhaden.

Crawfish traps are placed in the ponds in rows, each an equal distance from the others.

Crawfish traps can also be baited with artificial bait such as this organic bait with flavoring added.

The photos on this page show some of the processes a crawfish farmer goes through when trapping and harvesting crawfish. There are many different trap types and ways of harvesting. These pictures show how trapping and harvesting are done at the LSU AgCenter's Aquaculture Research Station. 
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