2022-2023 LSU AgCenter Livestock Show Dates

Washington Parish Livestock Show - January 21, 2023

Southeast District Livestock Show - February 2-4, 2023

LSU AgCenter State Livestock Show - February 11-18, 2023

2022-2023 Validation/Possession Dates

Livestock Show Office Webpage

The 2023 LSU AgCenter State Livestock Show Catalog has been posted on our website as well as information on our 2023 State Rabbit Show.

Use the link below to access 2023 Show information

New Entry System

There are major changes for 4-H and FFA youth that will exhibit Livestock and Horses at our 2023 Parish, District and State Livestock/Poultry/Rabbit/Horse Shows. We are moving to an online entry process and plan to implement this system for our 2023 Shows. This process will include validation and/or possession online documentation. It will also include the ability to enter and pay all fees online at the state level. We are working on having an online payment method for district fees but that is TBA.

We will continue to use our current validation method of requiring a DNA/Hair sample on all market and commercial animals. These sample will continue to be submitted to your parish LSU AgCenter Office by each specie/animal deadline. In addition to this process after the NEW system is activated exhibitors will go online to document their validation as well as possession of registered breeding animals on or before possession dates. The new system allows for Registration papers to be uploaded when animals are documented on or before possession deadline for each specie.

Information to exhibitors should be expected by October. This new system will be activated during that period which will be after steer validations that are due to parish offices on August 15th. Therefore, for this year ONLY we have steer exhibitors enter their steer validation information into the system when the system is activated; all other animal entries (Breeding, Market, and Commercial) will be required to document animals in system at their listed validation/possession deadline date. Instruction will be provided to all exhibitors and families on the new system and will include written material and video tutorials to assist with navigating the new process.

We will be holding a training in October on the parish level when the information is available.

The new system will:

  1. make the validation/possession/entry process easier on exhibitor families,
  2. allow direct communication with families/exhibitors during the process; and the system will provide options to pay for validations and/or entries at the state level using an online payment system. We do understand that as much as we prepare for the transition/implementation there will be issues that arise that we will have to work through. Our LSU AgCenter show staffs are fully committed to doing that.
Again, this is a NEW system, and we will all be learning together.

UPDATE October 2022

Our first step in implementing the new process to get your 4-Hers and FFA members (after being added to parish clubs and enrolled in 4-H online) to enter their animal information using the 4-H Online program. We have uploaded into the 4-H online system all of the animals eligible for our LSU AgCenter Shows. Exhibitors can go to their portal in 4H online to enter their animal information by logging into 4-H Online just as they did when enrolling. This process was designed to be user friendly and uses drop down boxes for the most part.

  1. For all registered breeding animals the exhibitor will enter animal information into the 4-H Online system on or before the animal’s possession deadline. The exhibitor will also be required to upload registration papers by the possession deadline or if papers are PENDING our NEW Registration Papers Pending form will need to be uploaded in the place of the Registration Papers. (For exhibitors still waiting on Registration papers; the paper must be received in the LSU AgCenter no later than 30 days after possession deadline.) Exhibitors will not have access to enter animals into the 4-H Online system after possession deadline.
  2. For market and/or commercial breeding animals the exhibitor will also be required to go into the 4-H Online system to enter animal information on or before validation deadlines. This part of the validation process will be in addition to submitting DNA/hair samples and validation fees to Agents and Ag Teachers by validation deadlines. (We understand that Steer validation deadline has passed and we have already collected DNA. Steers will be granted access to the system past their validation deadline for the first year only in order to enter their steer information.) Exhibitors will not have access to enter animals into the 4-H Online system after possession deadline.

You can find helpful handouts on this page as well to help you start the process.

Student Farmer Tax Certification

R-1098 Form can be found at the bottom of this page

During the regular state legislative session of 2019, a bill was passed to expand the definition of a commercial farmer to include certain student farmers who meet specific requirements in relation to sales and tax exemptions. Through the Act of 199 individuals under the age of 23 and meeting the defined criteria of a “student farmer” can now be sales tax exempt when purchasing:

  • Feed and feed additives for the purpose of sustaining livestock;
  • Seeds or plants to be used to produce food ordinarily used for consumption by humans or livestock;
  • Fertilizer to be used to produce food used for consumption by humans or livestock.

This a great opportunity for our 4-H/FFA members who are raising and/or showing livestock and agriculture products to be able to save on some expenses. Attached to this email is Form 1098 – Student Farmers Certification that the youth will need to complete and have signed by the 4-H or ANR Agent certifying that the youth is a member of the parish 4-H program.

The current exemption certificate will be good until July 31, 2023. LDR will update the certificate and provide LSU with an updated pdf yearly in each July for use in the coming school year. Also, the updated exemption certificate will be available for download on the LDR website.

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