Two of Louisiana’s southernmost parishes, Lafourche and Terrebonne lie in the heart of the state’s vast wetlands. These bayous, marshlands and fertile farmlands are the defining features of this area, and create a perfect environment for every seafood species—shrimp, crabs, oysters and finfish.

The names of each parish reflect the defining features of the area, as christened by early French settlers. Lafourche, meaning ‘the fork’, refers to the descending fork of the Mississippi River that is the main bayou of the parish. The fork also describes the area geographically—the green fields of sugar cane in the north branch off into marshes, lakes and bays and streams that support an abundance of wildlife and seafood.

Terrebonne combines the French words for ‘good’ and ‘earth’, and like Lafourche, refers to the incredible fertility of the soil and marshes. The name also aptly describes the way of life for generations of families, who to this day make their living ‘from the earth’, and especially from the many bayous that meander through the parish. Though every type of fish and shellfish are available, the oysters of Terrebonne parish have become internationally known as the finest in the world.

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