Leaf-Footed Plant Bug

Bennett Joffrion  |  8/18/2006 6:40:43 PM

Leaf-Footed Plant Bug

Leaf-Footed Plant Bug

Damage from a Leaf-Footed Plant Bug

I'm beginning to get calls to go and look at citrus trees. Trees and fruit are having problems with leafminers and leaf-footed plant bugs. The leafminers are mainly on new leaf growth. Control can be obtained by using Spinosid. From what I have seen so far, it has only been cosmetic on new foliage and not on the fruit. Read and follow the label. There is a 7- day cutoff period before harvest.

The other insect with the pictures enclosed is the leaf-footed plant bug. They are appearing early, and the adult bugs will attack the fruit causing fruit drop. They puncture the fruit and allow pathogens easy access and promote rotting. They also will cause the dry juice sacs in the area where they are feeding.

Scout your trees, and if you see these insects, begin spraying with malathion 57% EC. On large trees, you will need a minimum of three gallons of spray per tree to effectively control these insects. Read and follow label as there is a 7- day waiting period until harvest.

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