Ag News for October 2015

Bennett Joffrion  |  10/20/2015 9:23:59 PM

Retirement is here!

It is hard to write this newsletter as a chapter of my life is changing.

For the past 39 years, the LSU Cooperative Extension, and now the LSU AgCenter have been an integral part of my life.

I have decided to retire from the AgCenter effective October 31, 2015. This was a very hard decision because I have traveled all around this parish and have met and worked with many kind and generous individuals and families.

The best thing about the Cooperative Extension Service back then was you met a lot of good hard working people and the same holds true from then to now. I won’t name names for fear of leaving someone out. I will start with the staff back in 1976 until the present staff now. People come and go, but I can honestly say that I was blessed to work with such kind, friendly, caring and helpful people.

Working for the AgCenter is a very interesting job. You meet people of all walks of life. Once again, caring and helpful people.

I started as a 4-H Agent and have seen those kids grow up and prosper and now their kids are grown up and still contributing to the community.

Working with adults was very rewarding also. I will have friendships here that I will hold dear to my heart always.

The job has always been interesting. You work outside, you work inside, you travel all over, but the common denominator is people. Good people looking for answers and hopefully I was able to provide them with the answers. I know I wasn’t always able to help, but I tried to get the answers as quickly as possible to them.

As with all jobs, there are certain individuals, families, organizations, and groups that you often work close with. It is particularity true with the AgCenter.

Again, I won’t name names, but you all know who you are and I thank you all so much for letting me be a part of your lives and always being kind, friendly and appreciated.

Lastly, this job brought me here in 1976. It changed my life in many ways, but the best was when I met my wife, married, and had three wonderful kids and two beautiful granddaughters that I will always cherish.

Thanks again to the wonderful people of Terrebonne and surrounding parishes for the 39 pleasurable years.

As with all news articles from the past, I hope I was able to provide information that was useful to the community and will end with the following:
  • Now is a good time to take soil samples. Call the office at 873-6495 for information.
  • Fall is a great time to plant hardy trees, shrubs, ground covers and vines.
  • Plant spring-flowering bulbs in your garden from late October through early December. Exceptions are tulips and Hyacinths, which must be refrigerated and planted in late December or early January.
Thank you all so much for the last 39 years!

Bennett B. Joffrion, Jr.
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