Ag News for January 2015

Bennett Joffrion  |  1/15/2015 12:56:51 AM

Citrus Trees and Winter Cold

We had a really cold spell this early January and temperatures dipped to about 25 degrees Fahrenheit in the upper parts of the parish. With that said, the majority of the trees that were healthy and protected did well. Many of the citrus fruit survived, also without much damage. Lemons and limes were hit hard unprotected and not really healthy.

As far as the fruit it takes temperatures in the mid to lower 20’s for five to 10 hours to freeze the fruit. At this point in time, continue to watch for severe freezes, keep ground under trees free from grass and weeds, and wait and see in June-July if any tree damage occurred.

Winter Weed Control in Home Lawns

I am already getting calls about weed control in lawns.

Weed and Feeds are not an option at this time. It is ok to use liquid herbicides now before winter weeds become mature and start producing seeds.

Liquid atrazine is a good recommendation for winter weed control in lawns now through April. Atrazine will control weeds like annual bluegrass (Poa), white clover, chickweed, bedstraw, and lawn burweed or sticker weed. Atrazine is good but not perfect. Atrazine is not effective on wild onion, false garlic and blue-eyed grass.

The next best option after atrazine for winter weed control in lawns are herbicides that contain 2, 4-D as one or more of the active ingredients. Most consumer herbicides will have dicamba and mecoprop and possibly carfentrazone as additional active ingredients. These weed killers are often called “Trimec” type herbicides. Ortho Weed B Gon, Weed Free Zone, Weed Out, and Trimec work pretty well when sprayed on clovers, chickweed, and other broadleaves, but do not have any activity on annual bluegrass.

As with all pesticides, read and follow label directions before applying. Some atrazine trade names include – Image with atrazine for St. Augustine Grass, High Yield Atrazine, Southern Ag Atrazine, Spectracide Wee Stop for St. Augustine, and Centipede lawn (hose and sprayer).

Vegetables to Plant in January

Transplant broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and lettuce into the garden. You also can directly seed Irish potatoes through mid-February.

Checklist for January and February

  • Plant gladiolus in late February.
  • Winter is a great time to plant trees.
  • Plant petunias for good flower show in early spring.
  • Good time to fertilize trees. ü Prune landscape trees and any deciduous and evergreen plants that don’t flower in the spring.
  • February is a good time to plant container or bare-root roses.

Farmers Markets and Local Produce Farmers and Citrus Producers

There are local Farmers Markets and Farmers that produce good quality produce in both Terrebonne and Lafourche Parishes. Stop by their stands and markets to enjoy quality and fresh home grown produce and citrus

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