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Jr. Batty  |  12/3/2010 1:48:50 AM

Although I enjoy all seasons of the year one of my favorite months is now, December. Time to enjoy food, family, friends and favors. For the gardeners who have, need, or want favors (gifts) let me offer some suggestions.

Gardening books – Southern Living Garden Book, Southern Plants, The Louisiana Fruit and Vegetable Book, The Southern Gardener Book of Lists, Southern Lawns. The list is long, but any book you consider for your garden should contain Southern, Southeastern or Louisiana in its title.

Gardening magazine subscriptions: Southern Living, Louisiana Gardener, Southern Perennial Flower Gardening, Organic Gardening, Horticulture. These magazines not only provide general plant growing ideas, they include seasonal and hot topic issues.

Tools – Shovel, rakes and hoes are some staple tools now available with ergonomic, composite and specialty handles. These are fine for medium to large gardening. Also consider new pruning shears and saws, trowels, wheel barrow, and of course, gloves. The lists of gas or electric tools are endless. A review of the magazines and books above will add to your options.

If this is not enough to satisfy your garden gift list, browse through the internet at,,,, just to name a few. There are countless garden areas to search.

After all this, enjoy the next best seasonal activity, a cool winter’s nap with a cup of hot chocolate. Merry Christmas to all and Happy Gardening!

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