Favorite Fall Greens

Jr. Batty  |  11/16/2009 10:37:48 PM

Mustard Greens

Turnip Greens

Collard Greens

Most people’s favorite autumn colors include some reds, yellows, and oranges in line with the colors of tree landscapes. Obvious fall colors for LSU fans would be purple and gold or for Saints fans, black and gold. I tend to like greens, specifically mustard greens, turnip greens, and collard greens. These vegetable greens are highly recommended for home vegetable gardens because they’re easy to grow, very productive, and a great way to continue late fall / early winter gardening.

Mustard greens are fast growing greens. They can be planted anytime after August through March. Harvesting can begin about 6 weeks after planting. Cropping your greens, removing only the lower, larger leaves allows you to extend your crop.

Turnip greens can also be planted August through March. Turnips may also be harvested by cropping. However, if you want the turnip roots don’t harvest the leaves. If you want turnip greens and turnip roots, plant and harvest accordingly. You can collect the leaves in 6 weeks and the roots in 9 weeks.

Collard greens can be grown year round, but the best quality comes during the cool season. Although collards can tolerate warmer conditions than most greens, they can also survive colder temperatures. The collards do fine and taste better following a light frost.

Try your hand at growing some “greens” this winter. You’ll be tickled pink and cause your friends to be green with envy.

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