St. Mary Parish 4-H Leader Job Description

Camelia W. Soprano, Drusini, Adriana, Johnson, Jennifer H.  |  11/21/2006 1:39:49 AM

4-H is fun! 4-H teaches children good character, good leadership shills and activities to help guide them into their adult lives. Being a 4-H leader is tremendously rewarding. Here are some ideas to help you in your role as a 4-H Leader.
  1. Enjoy 4-H and have fun!
  2. Attend scheduled 4-H meetings.
  3. Enroll 4-H members in September
  4. Elect officers during September.
  5. Meet with officers monthly prior to regular meeting, proof and read reports.
  6. Secure materials needed for meeting.
  7. Maintain discipline in club meetings.
  8. Involve every 4-H'er at least once in conduction of meeting.
  9. Establish bulletin board for 4-H announcements (meeting announcements) and 4-H recognition.
  10. Invite principal to all club meetings.
  11. Make announcements of meeting date, time, and room.
  12. Visit with principals on 4-H activities, concerns, and accomplishments monthly.
  13. Follow up on officers after meeting. Did secretary write minutes, reporter submit article?
  14. Plan educational activity for each meeting (should pertain to 4-H projects).
  15. Bring/plan rides for officers to Officers' Training Meeting.
  16. Recognize 4-H'ers who were active during month (in old business or on bulletin board)
  17. Recruit teachers/parents to chair individual activities or projects.
  18. Involve parents in transportation, educational programs, and awards.
  19. Plan with officers on annual calendar of activities.
  20. Plan end of the year reward activity.
  21. Check record sheets of projects in January.
  22. Keep back up educational program throughout year.
  23. Take pictures at all club meetings and activities (for club scrapbook).
  24. Keep monthly records of activities held.
  25. Plan community service for club members.
  26. Follow up on 4-H assignments.
  27. Host or conduct parish-wide workshops.
  28. Attend or arrange chaperones for 4-H Achievement Day.
  29. Bring or arrange drop-off and pick up articles for 4-H Fair.

If you are interested in being a 4-H club leader, please contact the 4-H office at (337) 828-4100.

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