2012 St. Martin Parish 4-H Honors Night

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The 25th annual St. Martin Parish 4-H Honors Night was held on Tuesday, May 15, 2012, at St. Bernard Catholic School in Breaux Bridge. During this event, 114 Outstanding 4-H Members were honored along with numerous scholarship, honor cord, and Junior Achievement Award winners. Additionally, our state board members, national conference delegate, Louisiana 4-H Hall of Fame inductee, and our sponsors were all recognized.

The program opened with an invocation by Hannah Martin, followed by the pledges lead by seniors Melissa Ballio, Chase Bijeaux, Katey Champagne, Amanda Estrada, Brooke Gillespie, Jordan Guidry, Leigh Ann Hebert, Lamar Louis, and Adele Richard.

Louisiana 4-H Hall of Fame Inductee:

Since 2008, Louisiana 4-H has been honoring people whose dedication to youth development helped make our program what it is today! During our centennial anniversary in 2008, 100 honorees were inducted into the Louisiana 4-H Hall of Fame. Among these were St. Martin Parish’s own Conrad Gauthier and Charles A. Fuselier. Each year since, no more than 12 new honorees are added. This year, Ms. Elsie Castille was selected to receive this great honor. Ms. Elsie Castille has been involved with the St. Martin Parish 4-H program from over 70 years. Ms. Elsie’s love of 4-H began many years ago when she became an active 4-H member. Her love of 4-H continues today as an avid supporter and volunteer for the parish’s 4-H program. For over 55 years, Ms. Elsie has impacted the lives of numerous 4-H youth by accumulating countless volunteer hours at various 4-H activities and events. Ms. Elsie also serves the youth by being an advisory committee member and as the President of the St. Martin Parish 4-H Foundation. Because of Ms. Elsie’s involvement in the parish’s 4-H program, many others have followed her lead and began volunteering also. We are fortunate to have adults such as Ms. Elsie who believe in the power of youth!

Conrad Gauthier Scholarships:

Several senior 4-H members received scholarships during this event. The Conrad Gauthier Scholarships, in memory of Conrad Gauthier, a former County Agent who served the 4-H youth of the parish for over 30 years, were presented by Ms. Charlotte Durand, Conrad Gauthier’s daughter. The two recipients who each received a $500 scholarship are Jordan Guidry (Breaux Bridge High) and Adele Richard (Member-At-Large).

Scott Tractor Company Scholarships:

The Scott Tractor Company, headquartered in Monroe, continued its scholarship program to all 64 parishes in Louisiana this year. Three recipients who each received a $475 scholarship were Chase Bijeaux (Breaux Bridge High), Brooke Gillespie (Breaux Bridge High), and Leigh Ann Hebert (Cecilia High).

Charles Fuselier Scholarship:

The Charles Fuselier Scholarship was established 10 years ago by the Charles A. Fuselier family to recognize a graduating senior for outstanding 4-H work. This year’s recipient was Jordan Guidry from Breaux Bridge High School.

Louisiana 4-H Foundation Scholarship:

The Louisiana 4-H Foundation provides a scholarship to one individual in each of the 64 parishes in the state. The individual is selected based on overall participation in his/her parish 4-H program. This year’s recipient was Leigh Ann Hebert from Cecilia High School.

Gary J. Latiolais Memorial Scholarship:

The Gary J. Latiolais Memorial Scholarship is awarded each year to the overall swine showmanship champion at the St. Martin Parish Livestock Show. Ms. Bonnie Latiolais presented two $500 scholarships to Chase Bijeaux (Breaux Bridge High) who won the award for his achievements at the 2010 and 2011 shows.

Carl and Beulah Baldridge Memorial Scholarship:

Each year, senior 4-H members have the opportunity to apply for state-level 4-H scholarships ranging from $100 to $2,000. This year, the State 4-H Office received 158 applications. Jordan Guidry (Breaux Bridge High) was selected at the recipient of the Carl and Beulah Baldridge Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $2,000. This state-level scholarship was established in 1996 and is the most prestigious state-level 4-H scholarship awarded each year.

4-H Key Club Awards:

A select group of seniors are honored by receiving the Key Club Award each year. The 4-H Key Club Award in Louisiana gives recognition to 4-H club members who have shown outstanding leadership ability in their club and in their parish. This award is limited to ½ of 1% of the parish’s current enrollment. Recipients must have at least three years of 4-H club work including this year, and must have completed at least one year of active Junior Leadership work excluding the award year. Winners of this award are selected based on the quality of their project work and their level of involvement in the 4-H program and can be proud of their contributions to their club and community. This year’s recipients were Jordan Guidry (Breaux Bridge High), Leigh Ann Hebert (Cecilia High), and Adele Richard (Member-At-Large).

4-H Honor Cords:

The 4-H Honor Cord recognizes select 4-H members who are graduating seniors. In order to receive the 4-H Honor Cord, members must: be an enrolled 4-H member in good standing, be a graduating senior, have been enrolled in 4-H for 3 years of their high school career, and must have participated in at least one state-sponsored 4-H program in the last 3 years. The eight recipients of the 4-H Honor Cords were: Melissa Ballio, Chase Bijeaux, Katey Champagne, Amanda Estrada, Jordan Guidry, and Lamar Louis from Breaux Bridge High, Leigh Ann Hebert from Cecilia High, and Member-At-Large Adele Richard.

Charles J. Fuselier Livestock Award:

Each year a graduating senior 4-H member is awarded the Charles J. Fuselier Award. It was established in 1981 in memory of Sheriff Charles J. Fuselier, who was an avid supporter of the 4-H livestock program. This award is presented annually to a 4-H member who had demonstrated outstanding participation, leadership, and accomplishments in the 4-H livestock program. This year’s recipient was Jordan Guidry from Breaux Bridge High School.

The Busy Bee Award:

The Busy Bee Award is a new award sponsored by Steve and Jeanise Bernard of Bernard Apiaries, Inc. This award will be presented annually to a graduating senior who have been very busy in

4-H. Applicants were required to write an essay about their 4-H experiences. This year’s recipient was Adele Richard (Member-At-Large).

National 4-H Conference Delegate:

St. Martin Parish 4-H was proud to recognize Hannah Martin (Member-At-Large) for being selected as a National 4-H Conference delegate. Only four 4-H members are selected annually to participate in this national conference. National 4-H Conference delegates serve on the Louisiana 4-H Executive Board for a two year term where they have the opportunity to share and teach other 4-H members what they learned during the national conference.

2011-2012 State 4-H Board Members:

The purpose of the State 4-H Leadership Program is to assist with the development of educational programs that provide opportunities for advocacy, leadership, and youth voice. Seven youth were recognized for representing St. Martin Parish on various boards. State Board members from St. Martin Parish included: Executive Board Members Hannah Martin and Laural Blanchard; Science, Engineering, and Technology Board Members Zachary Dupuis and Jordan Guidry; Citizenship Board Member Hannah Landry; Fashion Board Member Carlie Calais; and Shooting Sports Ambassador Garrett Richard.

Junior Achievement Awards:

The Junior Achievement Award is presented to some of the top 8th grade 4-H members in the parish. Students must complete an application and are selected based on quality project work, leadership involvement, and participation in 4-H activities on the parish level. The 10 recipients of the Junior Achievement Award this year were Maddie Babineaux, Elliott Bernard, Erin Blanchard, Mackenzie Dorsey, Micah Huval, Miranda Kidder, Devin LeBlanc, Bailey Poirier, Grace Richard, and Maranda Wiltz.

2011-2012 St. Martin Parish Outstanding 4-H Club Members:

This year, 114 4-H members were selected as Outstanding 4-H Members based on the applications submitted. Those chosen for this honor received a 4-H medal, an award certificate, and various 4-H items as a keepsake. Those receiving honors this year were:

3rd Grade Cloverbuds

Gabrielle Anderson (SBS), Colleen Angelle (SBS), Trahe Bonvillian (SM), Noelie Castille (SBS), Colleen Delhomme (Teche), Gabriel Dore’ (Teche), James Haddox (Teche), Brin Laperouse (TC), Gracie Latiolais (TC), Demi Martin (SM), Garron Mayorga (Teche), Kaitlyn Picard (SBS), Connor Romero (BB), Hayden Serrette (Teche), Maggie Tauzin (Teche), Shyla Thibodeaux (SBS), Chloe Trahan (Teche), Raven Trahan (SBS), and Kayley Waller (SM)

4th Grade Members

Torianna Anthony (SM), Grant Bienvenu (TC), Emma Breaux (SBS), Jade Broussard (TC)

Kamrie Case (SM), Madison Delahoussaye (PP), Conner Durand (TC), Ally Enkey (TC), Georgie Mae Harris (Teche), Maci Kidder (TC), Drue Landry (SBS), Jacie Landry (Teche), Alec Latiolais (TC), Gabrielle Latiolais (PP), Kareem Menard, II (BBE), Grant Romero (BBE), Gabrielle Smith (BBE), Blair Theriot (TC), and Beau Weber (Teche)

5th & 6th Grade Members

Lanayah Alexander (Teche), Molly Angelle (Teche), Erin Barras (SBS), Kierstin Bob (BBE), Jana Boudreaux (Teche), Laila Boudreaux (TC), Reagan Boudreaux (PM), Sarah Broussard (SBS), Mackenzie Champagne (PM), Gracie Courville (SBS), Celeste Dore’ (TC), Alanna Frederick (CJH), Rionne George (SMP), Daniel Guidry (SBS), Olivia Guidry (SBS), Peter Harris (Teche), Tori Hayes (SBS), Colin Huval (Teche), Jaylon Kelley (SMP), Cameron Kidder (At-Large), Jace Knott (SBS), Ashley Latiolais (SBS), Krislyn Latiolais (TC), Blaise Leger (CJH), Canaan Leon (BBE), Tori Olivier (TC), Logan Patin (BBE), Vickie Pham (CJH), Kelli Prilliman (SBS), Jacey Reed (Teche), Jordan Serrette (CJH), Braelon Taylor (CJH), Camryn Trimble (TC), and Logan Willis (TC)

7th/8th Grade Members

Connor Batiste (SBS), Elliott Bernard (At-Large), Hailey Bijeaux (PM), Justin Blanchard (SBS), Mackenzie Dorsey (CAT), Victoria Frederick (SBS), Emily Guidry (SBS), Laney Jo Guidry (PM), Hailey Hayes (CJH), Micah Huval (CJH), Hollie James (TC), Miranda Kidder (At-Large), Gavin Knott (SBS), Austin Latiolais (TC), Devin LeBlanc (SBS), Alexis Louviere (PM), Kimberly Louviere (PM), Lindsey Mouton (CJH), Bailey Poirier (TC), Rieli Trahan (SBS), and Maranda Wiltz (BBJH)

High School Members

Chase Bijeaux (BBHS), Laural Blanchard (BBHS), Jeffrey Boudreaux (At-Large), Jonathon Boudreaux (At-Large), Zachary Dupuis (BBHS), Chelsie Frederick (CHS), Drake Frederick (CHS), Jordan Guidry (BBHS), Dustin Hayes (CHS), Leigh Ann Hebert (CHS), Kali LaGrange (CHS), Hannah Landry (CHS), Hannah Martin (At-Large), Kelsey Mason (BBHS), Haley Newsome (BBHS), Luke Patin (BBHS), Courtney Poirier (SMSH), Taylor Serrette (CHS), Distinie Stelly (CHS), Hunter Tauzin (CHS), and Briana Theriot (CHS)

Sponsors for St. Martin Parish 4-H Honors Night:

Sponsors for this year’s event included Slemco, Farmers-Merchants Bank, St. Maritn Parish Farm Bureau, Teche Bank and Trust Company, St. Martin Bank & Trust Company, and St. Bernard School.

Pictures from this event:

Photos taken at this event may be viewed by visiting our Facebook page at the following link: http://www.facebook.com/St.Martin4H#!/media/set/?set=a.10150884075219798.433155.126809779797&type=3

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