St. John Parish 4-H Clover Chronicle November 2013

Joseph Sylvain, Bock, Mariah

Upcoming Events

November 4-6, 2013—Southeast District Challenge Camp

January 3, 2014—River Region Livestock Clinic

January 28-31, 2014—Southeast District Livestock Show


4-H Livestock Project

Attention Livestock Competitors!!!

If you are interested in competing in the upcoming LSU AgCenter Livestock Shows, please be aware of the validation dates and guidelines listed below.

Beef and Dairy Commercial Heifers, Market Lambs, Commercial Ewes, Market Goats, and Commercial Does will be validated Nov. 4 thru Nov. 9, 2013. Nov. 9, 2013 will be the absolute last date to validate Commercial Beef and Dairy Heifers, Market Lambs, Commercial Ewes, Market Goats, and Commercial Does for the LSU AgCenter Livestock Shows.

Market Hogs will be validated thru the week of Dec. 2 thru Dec. 7, 2013. Dec. 7, 2013 will be the absolute last date to validate Market Hogs for the LSU AgCenter Livestock Show. *Exhibitors who have not previously completed the online Quality Assurance and Ethics certification, that is mandatory for each exhibitor to show, must complete this prior to entering the 2013 Show. The certification is located at

Please print the certificate and submit it with the Livestock Show Entry form.

4-H Cookery Contest Results

The 4-H Food Focus Contest was held on Saturday, Oct. 19, 2013 at the Andouille Festival.

Division I Ground Beef  Overall Winner: Keondre Standberry—GM Ground Beef/One Dish Meal 1st Place: Keondre Standberry—GM 2nd Place: Dyhn McKinley—JLO Ground Beef/Quick & Easy 1st Place: Mathew Guillory—GM Ground Beef/Low Calorie Dish 1st Place: Richard Jasmine-Alternative

Division II Seafood  Overall Winner: Elise Vicknair—SJA Seafood/Shrimp 1st Place: Ebony Creecy—Alternative 2nd Place: Layken Epperly—JLO 3rd Place: Tray’wand Breaux—Alternative Seafood/Crawfish 1st Place: Elise Vicknair—SJA 2nd Place: Jenna Necaise—JLO Seafood/Crab 1st Place: Kelly Campbell-AOL

Division III Poultry Overall Winner: Dyhn McKinley—JLO Poultry/Chicken 1st Place: Dyhn McKinley—JLO 2nd Place: Jai Gaines-ESJE 3rd Place: Peyton Madere—AOL

Division IV Eggs Overall Winner: Kelly Campbell—AOL Eggs/Appetizer & Salads 1st Place: Mia Meyer—JLO 2nd Place: Riandra Grover—Alternative 3rd Place: Keondre Standberry –GM Eggs/Dessert 1st Place: Kelly Campbell—AOL 2nd Place: Peton Madere—SJA 3rd Place: Jai Gaines—ESJE Eggs/Main Dish 1st Place: Dyhn McKinley—JLO

Division V Sugar Cookery Overall Winner: Shymica Singleton—Alternative Sugar Cookery/Cakes 1st Place: Shymica Singleton– Alternative 2nd Place: Hannah Duhe—GM 3rd Place: Kennicka Love—Alternative Sugar Cookery/Pies 1st Place: Ashia Henry—JLO Sugar Cookery/Candy 1st Place: Lauren Trichell—AOL 2nd Place: Tachi Williams— 3rd Place: Donae Rudolph—LP

Ambassador Overall Winner: Dyhn McKinley—JLO Illustrated Talk on Beef 1st Place: Shymica Singleton—Alternative, Tiera Hobs, Kennika Love, Tachic Williams Illustrated Talk on Poultry 1st Place: Dyhn McKinley—JLO Illustrated Talk on Eggs 1st Place: Kelly Campbell—AOL 2nd Place: Shymica Singleton—Alternative, Tirea Hobs, Kennika Love, Tachic Williams

Participants Demetrick LeBoeuf—LE Jada Nevers-SJA, Mya Cooley-ESJH


4-H Pumpkin Decorating Contest Results

On Thursday, Oct.24, 2013, St. John 4-H hosted the annual Pumpkin Decorating Contest. The contest was broken down into six categories which included: animated, painted and carved, hats and wigs, carved, and mini pumpkin. Below are the results!

Animated 2nd Place: Mya Crouch-ESJE, 2nd Place: Jai Gaines-ESH, 3rd Place: Hailey Hilbun-AOL

Painted 1st Place: Jenna Necaise-JLO, 2nd Place: Enjolie Johnson-JLO, 3rd Place: Jayci Bernard-JLO Participation: Donovan Brooks-ESJE, Brione Foster-LPE

Painted and Carved 1st Place: Caige Lee-ESJE, 2nd Place: Megan Remondet-JLO, 3rd Place: Ayawna Breaux-LPE, Participation: D’Shontai Mazique-FW

Mini Pumpkin 1st Place: Traywand Breaux-SJA, 2nd Place: Tachi Williams-SJA, 3rd Place: Shymica Singleton-SJA, Participation: Sh’Mar Brown SJA, Riandra Grover-SJA

Hats and Wigs 1st Place: Dalneka Young-ESJE, 1st Place: Sarah Grosse-AOL, 2nd Place: Iriel Crouch-ESJE, 3rd Place: Haven Sipes-ESJE

Carved 1st Place: Ja’Ron Minor-LPE, 1st Place: William Ledet-JLO, 2nd Place: Bryce Ledet-JLO, 3rd Place: Cara Campbell-RA, Participation: Alex Waguespack-JLO, Ariel Lightell-ESJE, Makayla Carr-JLO, Lyken Epperly-JLO, Victoria Scott-LPE, Alexis Raspberry-ESJE, Conteca Cook-ESJE

4-H Night with the Pelicans


The LSU AgCenter is pleased to announce that they have teamed up with the New Orleans Pelicans this year. This year will be bigger and better than ever. The 4-H Night with the Pelicans basketball game will be Friday, Feb. 7, 2014 versus the Minnesota Timberwolves. Tickets will be $22.00 this year with $2.50 going to the Parish Foundation and $2.50 going to the 4-H Foundation. 4-H members will have an opportunity to participate in several on court programs again this year; nevertheless, more details about the fan experiences will be sent in the coming weeks. Any 4-H Members who are interested in attending this event must complete and submit the attached registration form along with the payment for tickets. Please make either checks or money orders payable to the St. John Parish 4-H Foundation. The payment must be turned in no later than, Wednesday, Dec. 18, 2013. CASH WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR THIS EVENT!!!!!

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