St. John Parish 4-H Clover Chronicle November 2012

4-H Livestock Project Attention Livestock Competitors!!

If you are interested in competing in the upcoming LSU AgCenter Livestock Shows, please be aware of the validation dates and guidelines listed below.

Beef and Dairy Commercial Heifers, Market Lambs, Commercial Ewes, Market Goats, and Commercial Does will be validated Nov. 5 thru Nov. 10, 2012. Nov. 10, 2012 will be the absolute last date to validate Commercial Beef and Dairy Heifers, Market Lambs, Commercial Ewes, Market Goats, and Commercial Does for the LSU AgCenter Livestock Shows. Market Hogs will be validated Nov. 26 thru Dec. 1, 2012. Dec. 1, 2012 will be the absolute last day to validate Market Hogs for the LSU Agcenter Livestock Show. * Exhibitors who have not previously completed the online Quality Assurance and Ethics certification, that is mandatory for each exhibitor to show, must complete this prior to entering the 2012 Show. The certification is located at Please print the certificate and submit it with the Livestock Show Entry Form.

Upcoming Events

February 5-8, 2013                Southeast District Livestock Show
February 9-16, 2013              State Livestock Show
February 23, 2013                 4-H Fun and Fashion Workshop

Attention 4-H'ers!!

Attention 4-H’ers!! It is time to start thinking about the LSU AgCenter Junior Broiler Show. The Broiler project is a six week growing project in which 4-H’ers will raise, feed, clean, and show their live chickens. Judging will be on Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2013. If you are interested in competing, you must complete and return the attached registration form to your 4-H Club Leader by Thursday, Nov. 8, 2012. The cost is 40 cents per chick, and you MUST purchase at least twenty (20) chicks to participate. Please turn in the money for chicks with the attached registration form. We are looking forward to your participation.

4-H Night with the Hornets

The LSU AgCenter is pleased to announce that they have teamed up with the New Orleans Hornets again this year. This year will be bigger and better than ever. The 4-H Night with the Hornets basketball game will be Friday, Jan. 25, 2013 versus the Houston Rockets. The tickets are $21.00. 4-H members will have an opportunity to participate in several on court programs again this year. Any 4-H Members who are interested in attending this event, please make either checks or money orders payable to the St. John Parish 4-H Foundation. The payment must be turned in no later than, Thursday, Dec. 20, 2012. CASH WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR THIS EVENT! Registration form is attached.

4-H Pet Show

Calling all 4-H’ers with four legged friends!!! The St. John Parish 4-H office welcomes all dogs, cats, fish, and lizards to participate in our Pet Show. You don’t want to miss this event. The annual Pet Show is scheduled for Saturday, March 16, 2013.

4-H Pumpkin Decorating Contest Results

On Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2012, St. John 4-H hosted the annual Pumpkin Decorating Contest. A total of 62 Pumpkins were submitted!!! The pumpkin decorating contest was an outstanding kickoff to this school year! Hopefully we can continue into the future with the same enthusiasm. The contest was broken down into two divisions (4th – 7th Grade and 8th – 12th Grade). Within these divisions were several categories, which included: carved (traditional), carved (design), hats and wigs, painted, and animated.

Overall Pumpkin-Elias Ayme-Riverside Academy

4th – 7th Grade

8th – 12th Grade

Carved (Traditional)


Hats and Wigs

Carved (Traditional)

1st Sarah Gross-AOL

1st Monica Boudreaux-RA

1st Darryelle Davis-LPE

1st Jasmin Brown-St.J.A.

2nd Ariel Crouch-ESJE

1st Vitoria St. Martin-JLO

2nd Melissa Hebert-JLO

2nd Timothy Williams-ECW

3rd Kevin Fredricks-FW

2nd Zakia Steward-FW

3rd Haylee Hilbun-AOL

3rd Lloyd Jones-St.J.A.

Carved (Design)

2nd Cara Campbell-RA


3rd Trenton Hayes-St.J.A.

1st Jodi Duhe-LES

3rd Lacy Barrow-LES

1st Elias Ayme-RA


1st Christian Coleman-JLO

3rd Anthony Cases-ESJE

2nd Briae Foster-LPE

1st Kirsten Gauthier-WSJH

2nd Doug Gilchrist-JLO

3rd Bill Martin-ESJE

2nd Rochelle Cannon-WSJH

3rd Jenna Necaise-JLO

3rd Kirsten Cases-ESJE


1st Taylor Griffen-ECW

2nd Hyana Brown-LPE


Alicia Perret-JLO

Anthony Cases-ESJE

Keirsten Cauthier-WSJH

Iriel Crouch-ESJE

Megan Herbert-JLO

Jasmine Holmes-ECW

Kerry Robertson-St. J. A

William Ledet-JLO

Tyrielle Johnson-LPE

Kai Crier-LPE

Lloyd Jones-St. J. A.

Kevin Frederick-FW

Bria Williams-LES

Rauyn Bazile-LES

Timothy Williams-ECW

John P.-FW

Darryelle Davis-LPE

Victoria St. Martin-JLO

Jasmin Brown-St. J. A.

Isiah Bell-LPE

Hailey Hilbun-AOL

Laci Barrow-LES

Trenton Hayes-St. J. A.

Doug Gilchrist-JLO

Melissa Herbert-JLO

Javohn Washington-ESJE

Galen Bell-St. J. A.

Christian Coleman-JLO

Elias Ayme-RA

Roy Washington-ESJE

Taylor Griffen-ECW

Jenna Necaise-JLO

Ashley Hymel-RA

Ashley Pineda

Hyana Brown-LPE

Ranai Knight-ESJE

Briae Foster-LPE

Anna DiMaggio-RA

Diamond Jones-LES

Maelet Brown-ESJE

Cara Campbell-RA

Ralayasia Moore

Sarah Grosse-AOL

Sarah Kuhn

Zakia Stewart-FW

Bill Martin-ESJE

Jain Cain

Bryce Ledet-JLO

Madison Brayard-LES

Destiny Brown-LPE

Jdy Duhe-LES

Adriana Jimenez-Pizarro-ESJE

Wilton Ellis-LES

Kirsten Cases-ESJE

Angelin Wright

Dejonelle Toney-ESJE

Monica Boudreaux-RA

Rochelle Cannon-WSJH

Alexis Rasberry-ESJE

Trejun Lennix-LPE

4-H Workshops!!!

The 4-H Food Focus Workshop was held on Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2012 at the 4-H Office, located in Edgard. 4-H members who attended got the edge on the competition for the Food Focus Contest by learning great tips in preparing tasty food dishes!!! 4-H’ers were informed of the importance of using fresh high quality ingredients and also learned how the actual recipes should be written. In addition, they learned the specific guidelines for each commodity division, clarifying what should be used, how much, and how dishes should be prepared.


Kia Roybiskie-West St. John High

Dajanee Bethancourt-West St. John High

Dyn McKinley-John L. Ory Magnet

Tatyana Smith-West St. John High

Ranai Knight-East St. John Elementary

Malika Jones-East St. John Elementary

The 4-H Officer Workshop and Club Planning meeting was held on Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2012 at the Laplace Library on New Highway 51. 4-H Officers who attended participated in the jet flight icebreaker to become affiliated with members from other schools. 4-H’ers learned the roles and responsibilities of each officer position and its significance to the 4-H club. In addition, the students were given the opportunity to collaborate in a breakout session with 4-H members from other schools who held the same officer position and actually planned a mock 4-H meeting, which included every segment from beginning to end.


Lloyd Johnson-St. John Alternative

Angelica Carter-Garyville Magnet

Trenton Hayes-St. John Alternative

Blake Luna-Ascension of Our Lord

Whitney Joseph-Emily C. Watkins

Taylor Griffin-Emily C. Watkins

Doug Gilchrist-John L. Magnet

Joseph Mamou-Garyville Magnet

Maggie Morton-Ascension of Our Lord

Heaven Mamou-Garyville Magnet

Destiny Smith-Garyville Magnet

Hannah Duhe-Garyville Magnet

William Ledet-John L. Ory Magnet

Alyssa Duhe-Garyvile Magnet

DaQuan Frank-St. John Alternative

Christopher Bergeron-Ascension of Our Lord

Trelle Dailgle-St. John Alternative

Sels Pierce-St. John Alternative

Jernisha Cook-St. John Alternative


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