The Leaf-Footed Bug, A Common Fall Pest of Satsumas

Leaf-footed bug

Satsuma fruit is a popular treat in many South Louisiana homes each fall. Of the many types of citrus grown in Louisiana, they mature much earlier than sweet and navel oranges.

Besides the early maturity, many people enjoy Satsumas because they are easily peeled due to their loose rind and they also have a great taste.

Citrus tree owners should be aware of a potential pest that arrives just prior to the ripening. The Leaf-footed bug, a piercing insect, inserts a needle like structure into the fruit and begins to feed. While feeding, it also injects yeast into the fruit. The yeast will cause the slice(s) of fruit to dry up and the fruit becomes unpalatable.

Excessive piercing from the Leaf-footed bug can also cause fruit to drop from the tree. Complete control of the Leaf-footed bug can prove to be nearly impossible, but suppression can be achieved with insecticides.

9/13/2010 11:15:06 PM
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