Just Say Y.E.S.

  • YES -- I want to strengthen my skills in reading, writing, mathematics and science.
  • YES -- I want my parent/guardian involved in my educational experiences.
  • YES -- I want to build my self-confidence and self-esteem.

Youth Educational Support (Y.E.S.) is an organized after-school program that incorporates education and fun.

Y.E.S. starts with the recruitment of children, parents and volunteers. Recruitment strategies include community-based networking, presentations, referrals, media, word-of-mouth and door-to-door.

Y.E.S. provides a learning environment that allows children the opportunity to find expressions for their own particular reading, mathematics and science interest while involved in social, cultural and enrichment activities that may not be possible in a school setting.

Y.E.S. involves limited-resources families with children six to twelve years of age. Limited-resources families may be confronted with economic difficulties, emotional problems, educational differences and/or similar factors that threaten the stability of the family.

Y.E.S. introduces hands-on demonstrations, self-directed learning and take-home activities through sharing, games, field trips, fairs and contests that promote 'learning is fun, it takes everybody and it takes place everywhere.'

Y.E.S. builds partnerships with The Cooperative Extension Programs, parents, volunteers, churches, schools, housing developments, community centers and other state and community-based organizations and clubs.

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