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Students get involved in a reading activity in the Reading to the HEART program in St. Helena Parish.

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Program Highlights

Family & Consumer Sciences
With a grant from the Children’s Trust Fund, and a partnership between LSU AgCenter and the St. Helena Parish Health Unit, the Little Bookshelf Program was implemented to serves parents of over 200 newborns. Participating parents receive a bookshelf and library of 12 infant-appropriate books (one a month) to read to their child during the first year of life. This project lays a foundation essential for success when the children enter and participate in school.

4-H Youth Development

The Reading to the HEART Program is a comprehensive, research-based, leisure-time reading program designed to enhance youth reading habits and skills during non-school time and to help parents organize literacy-rich home environments. The ultimate goal of the program is to increase independent reading for youth of all achievement levels while improving attitudes toward books and reading. This program entails reading literacy for youth in St. Helena Parish. Computer labs consisting of 10 computers with internet access and reading literacy labs have been set-up for youth. In addition, the reading literacy lab consists of 40 Leap Pads and many books for grades K-8. Youth meet once a week for two hours for tutoring and enrichment.

Because of this program, book reading outside of school has increased by 32% for these youth. About 55% of youth have read 1-2 books in the past month. In addition, 55% of the youth participate in activities at the library and use the library for other resources.

According to data collected, 42% of youth grades K-8 stated that they are confident now about reading more difficult books. Because of this program, over 40% of the youth gained confidence and now have an appreciation for pleasure reading.

Agriculture & Natural Resources

The St. Helena Forestry Association, organized over 13 years ago, is the ‘Voice of Forestry’ in the parish. 15 participants gained knowledge on forestry equipment, backpack sprayer calibration and forest herbicides while attending field days. 53 members and guests learned about feral hog biology, diseases and trapping at the association’s annual meeting. The $20 million industry accounts for approximately 11% of the parish’s Gross Domestic Product.


4-H and Youth Development

  • Florida Parishes Literacy Program
  • Y.E.S.
  • Reading to the HEART
  • Florida Parishes 4-H
  • Outdoor Skills Program

Agriculture & Natural Resources (ANR)

  • Animal Production
  • Pasture & Forage
  • Pest Management
  • Forestry & Wildlife
  • Aquaculture
  • Fruits, Nuts & Vegetables
  • Lawns & Gardens
  • Commercial Vegetable Production

Family & Consumer Sciences (FCS)

  • Family Resource Management
  • FNP - Family Nutrition Program
  • Nutrition and Health classes

Who we reach.

19,504 - Youth contacts (includes 1225 4-H members, 263 Cloverbuds and 50 Y.E.S.)
  1,224 - Adult contacts
               1,224 Ag & Natural Resources
               Family Consumer Sciences

How we reach them:

4-H clubs
Class series
School Enrichment
Field days
Web sites
Social media

Expanding our efforts:
     67 Volunteers - 4-H, Y.E.S., Master Gardeners, cattlemen and forestry landowners

Local Issues & Plans for this year.

Increase productivity and profitability of Louisiana Agriculture.

  • Conduct Forage and Forestry Field Days.
  • Write news column, web page content and seminars on agriculture practices
  • Conduct farm and home educational visits

Promote the wise use of natural resources and protection of the environment.

  • Youth learn about wetland conservation in the Youth Wetlands Week program.

Build leaders and good citizens through 4-H youth development.

  • Junior Master Gardeners will plant a community vegetable garden as a community service project, and flower garden to beautify the grounds at the St. Helena Middle School.
  • Introduce agriculture and its importance to youth through Ag Day, Ag Wonders and AgMagic.
  • Present Character Critters in the schools.

Strengthen families and communities

  • Mothers of newborns will receive a book each month to read to their babies in the Little Bookshelf Project.
  • Youth will learn about fitness and nutrition with the Bayou Buddies in the Fit 4 the Future program.
  • High school students will learn money management through the Welcome to the Real World Financial Literacy program.
  • The St. Helena Cookery Contest will include competitions for both youth and adults.

Parish Facts

LSU AgCenter County Agents provide research-based information on plant, aquaculture, wildlife and animal enterprises to St. Helena Parish clientele. The 2008 total dollar amounts from these commodities were:

  • Plant enterprises - $20,945,833.
  • Animal enterprises - $33,905,614.
  • Wildlife Enterprises - $1,432,500.

Data from the Louisiana Ag Summary
Web site:

Population - 10,546
Land area (square miles) - 408
Persons under 18 years old - 23.9%
Persons 65 years old and over - 13.3%
Median household income - $32,113
Persons below poverty - 21.9%

St. Helena
Extension Office

Address: 23 Main St., Ste. B
Greensburg, La. 70441

Phone: 225-222-4136
Fax: 225-222-4910
Hours: 8:00a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Angela Myles
Parish Chair

Theresa McCoy
Administrative Coordinator

1/8/2010 10:32:38 PM
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