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About the LSU AgCenter

The LSU AgCenter is dedicated to providing innovative research, information and education to improve people’s lives. Working in a statewide network of parish extension offices, research stations and academic departments, the LSU AgCenter helps Louisiana citizens make the best use of natural resources, protect the environment, enhance agricultural enterprises, and develop human and community resources.

Program Highlights

Family and Consumer Sciences

Healthy communities are communities where people come together to make their communities better for everyone through collaboration, community ownership, inclusive approaches and long-term, positive commitment to healthy lifestyles.

Our Mission: To educate, to empower, and to motivate this parish by providing opportunities to develop a more accessible and healthier lifestyle.

Goals: Promoting healthful eating and physical activity

Providing access to healthful foods and recreational facilities

Partnership: St. Helena Healthy Communities has partnered with several organizations in order to actualize our mission of transforming St. Helena Parish into a Healthier Community, including: St. Helena College & Career Academy

Greensburg Market, Southeast Community Health Systems, Council on Aging, local farmers and Turner Chapel A.M.E. Church. Enhanced the Farmer’s Market, so the local farmers can sale their homegrown produce to the community

4-H Youth Development

The St. Helena 4-H program is an informal educational experience for youth. Boys and girls between the ages of nine and nineteen are given opportunities to make new friends, learn new things and possibly go to new places. Youth can develop life skills such as self-esteem, decision making and citizen responsibility to make them positive and contributing members in their communities. The Cloverbuds program reaches younger members from age four to eight.

Agriculture and Natural Resources

The St. Helena Forestry Association, organized over 20 years ago, is the ‘Voice of Forestry’ in St. Helena Parish. The $22 million industry accounts for approximately 48% of the parish’s Gross Domestic Product.Meeting was held to structure the new ordnance for timber harvesting. Also, St. Helena Cattleman Co., held monthly meeting for new farmers.

Whom we reach:

  • 19,504 - Youth contacts (includes 1225 4-H members, 263 Cloverbuds)
  • 1,224 - Adult contact, 1,224 Ag & Natural Resource & Family Consumer Sciences

How we reach them:

  • 4-H clubs, Class series, School Enrichment, Demonstrations, Field days, Workshops, Newsletters, Web sites, Publications and Social media

Expanding our efforts:

  • 67 volunteers from 4-H, Master Gardeners, cattlemen and forestry landowners

Local Issues & Plans for this year. High school students will learn money management through the LYFE Literacy program.

Parish Facts:

LSU AgCenter County Agents provide research-based information on plant, aquaculture, wildlife and animal enterprises to St. Helena Parish clientele. The 2018 total dollar amounts from these commodities were:

  • Plant enterprises - $22,550,420.
  • Animal enterprises - $32,365,911.
  • Wildlife Enterprises - $3,240,368.

Land area — 408.40 square miles; Population —10,509; Population under 18 years old — 21.1%; Population 65 years old and over — 19.9%; Median household income — $35,254; Persons below poverty — 26.4%

Local issues and plans for this year

Increase productivity and profitability of Louisiana agriculture

  • Conduct Forestry Field Days.
  • Demonstrate new disease resistant varieties of vegetables.
  • Write news column, webpage content and seminars on agriculture practices.
  • Conduct farm and home educational visits.
  • Monthly meeting, St. Helena Cattlemen Co. management

Promote the wide use of natural resources and protection of the environment

  • Youth learn about wetland conservation during the ‘in school’ Wetlands Week program
  • Forestry landowners will learn the wise use of Best Management Practices (BMPs) through field days.

Build leaders and good citizens through 4-H Youth Development.

  • Develop and implement service-learning projects throughout the parish.
  • School and community gardeners will plant a community vegetable garden as a community service project, and flower garden to beautify the grounds at the St. Helena Parish Schools
  • Introduce agriculture and its importance to youth through Ag Day, Ag Wonders and AgMagic
  • Youth and family involvement in livestock shows

Strengthen families and communities

  • The St. Helena Cookery Contest will include competitions for youth
  • Snap Ed
  • Healthy Communities
  • Farmer’s Market

How we are funded:

You are the local supporters and beneficiaries in the LSU AgCenter extension programs. Just 20% support keeps these programs in your community. Your parish extension office offers programs in:

  • Sustaining Louisiana agriculture, forestry and fisheries.
  • Building leaders and good citizens through 4-H Youth Development.
  • Family, nutrition and health to enhance the quality of life for Louisiana’s citizens.

LSU AgCenter State Appropriated Funds for FY 2019-2020:

  • State general direct: 74.9%
  • Federal funds: 13.6%
  • Self-generated: 7.1%
  • Statutory deductions: 4.4%

Innovate . Educate . Improve Lives

The LSU AgCenter and the LSU College of Agriculture