Florida Parishes 4-H Outdoor Skills Advisory Board

The Florida Parishes 4-H Outdoor Skills (FPOS) program encompasses the initiative goals of volunteer leadership, capacity building for youth and families, and environmental stewardship with commitments from the Louisiana State University AgCenter. The 4-H Outdoor Skills Program is an active program that is attractive to both youth and adults. The program promotes positive learning and interaction with youth and adult role models. The disciplines are modeled after the National 4-H Shooting Sports Program, National 4-H All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Safety Program and the National 4-H Sportfishing Program. The program is administered by nationally certified-state leaders including of extension personnel and volunteers.

The FPOS Board of Directors is made up of certified volunteer leaders in the disciplines of rifle, pistol, shotgun, archery, muzzleloader, hunting, sportfishing and ATV Safety. The board has oversight of the FPOS financial statements and is vital in providing guidance for the Florida Parishes 4-H Outdoor Skills program by serving in an advisory function.

Click on the links below for minutes from the Florida Parishes 4-H Outdoor Skills Advisory Board meetings.

February, 2011 (pdf version)
February, 2011 (MS Word)
August, 2010 (pdf version)
August, 2010 (MS Word)

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