Youth and Adult Ag Day

Ag Day was held on June 4, 2012 at J/L Farms. This day was organized by LSU SU AgCenter, Save Rural America and USDA of Amite, LA. Approximately 100 youth and adults were in attendance with buses taking them to various farms.

At the start of this day those attending were able to tour Kleinpeter Farms Dairy, Montpelier, La. The farm is made up of 1500 acres, it not only provides environmentally sensitive housing for the herd of over 600 chows, but also produces much of the forage that feeds the cows.  The herd consists of Holsteins, Guernseys and Jersey cows, creating the distinctive taste that Kleinpeter milk is known for.  The group was able to learn the process of milking cows, the diet of a dairy cow and care of them. The tour continued to a goat farm owned by Germaine Pitts.  Mr Pitts has a herd of about 20 different breeds of goats. He taught the group the care of goats and how to maintain a goat herd.  The tour group was also educated on the care of bison and how to maintain a bison farm by Mrs. Linda Sharpless' father. The tour continued to Mr. Warner Hall's garden in which there weres watermelons, green onions, red beans and many other healthy produce to see.  The next stop was J/L Farms in Darlington where the group picked blueberries and took a tour of the beef operation there.  Ag students of Dr. Patin/Zanette Augustine from SUAREC also participated in the tours.  At the conclusion of Ag Day Eual Hall & LaKeisha Giddens from Southern University Ag Center discussed the procedures of how to start a small business.
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