2013 S.E.T. Camp

Angela Myles  |  8/16/2013 8:11:25 PM



4-H Summer Science, Engineering, Technology Camp (S.E.T.) was held July 22-26, 2013 at St. Helena Central Middle School, Greensburg, La. Participants included youth from 4th to 12th grade. This camp was designed by LSU/SU Ag Center division of 4-H Youth Development Angela Myles, 4-H Agent and Toni Melton, Youth Coordinator. This camp motivates, supports, and strengthens the learning of science, technology, and engineering .

The camp addressed all youth, particularly the underserved by presenting a learning environment that inspired students to become well-versed and comfortable in the S.E.T. disciplines and seeks career paths in the science, technology, engineering, and math related fields. Additionally, the student camp provided a motivating and empowering educational program that enriched learning in these subject areas through exciting and fun hands-on experiments and activities which foster creativity and innovation. 2013 camp participants were Chloe’ Jackson, Dyreon Tillis, Larry Self, Ke-Irraius Hawkins, Kaledra Self, George Griffin, Ashanna Lee, Corey LeBlanc, Tydrick Dunn, Jaquelion Floyd, Miesha Melton, JaMaya Watson, Jerome Hall, Calvin Knox, Shirmiracle James, Chavis Cornish, Jamiracle Scott, Derrion Robbins and Chazhymn Hurst.

S.E.T. camp was led by Rev. Orion Blouin from Monsanto, Kathy and Tuin from LIGO Science Institute, an Engineer Specialist from Dow Chemical-Amerchol in St. Helena Parish and Germaine Pitts. Campers were able to participate in many areas of science such as chemical, environmental, animal, biology, earth science and physical. We had a total of 20 students to participate in the camp. We are looking forward to S.T.E.M. camp next summer which is Science,Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. For more information about S.E.T. camp please contact our office at (225) 222-4136.

Furthermore the camp was designed:

To promote and improve teaching and learning of science, and technology literacy in elementary, middle, and high school.

To facilitate teaching and learning through hands-on experiences and instruction.

To build confidence and self-esteem in students pursuing careers in science, and technology.

To increase the number of all youth, particularly under-served and under-represented students, in science, and technology who enter, pursue, and succeed at the pre-college and college levels.

To strengthen community resources and avenues for parent and student involvement in science, and technology within the community.

For more information contact Angela Myles, Assoc. Extension Agent at 225-222-4136 or email  or Toni Melton, Youth Coordinator.

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