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LSU AgCenter Mission

The overall mission of the LSU AgCenter if to enhance the quality of life for people through research and educational programs that develop the best use of natural resources, conserve and protect the environment, enhance development of existing and new agricultural and related enterprises, develop human and community resources, and fulfill the acts of authorization and mandates of state and federal legislative bodies.

LSU AgCenter Goals

  • Recruit, train, and orient volunteers to teach Extension-provided classes to youth and adults
  • To facilitate the wise use of natural resources and protection of the environment
  • To develop new agricultural crops and value-added products
  • To build leaders and good citizens through 4-H youth development
  • To strengthen families and communities
  • To implement nutrition, diet, food safety and health programs for better living


The horticulture program informs the general public and professional horticulture industry about lawn care, landscaping, trees, flowering plants, indoor and outdoor gardening, soil testing and vegetable and fruit culture.


This program is designed to help solve the problems of crops and soils, livestock and poultry, farm machinery, buildings, and forestry. While continuing to stress better production methods, the program works with agricultural businesses and professionals, teaches modern management techniques and places special emphasis on home gardening.

Family & Consumer Sciences

Family and Consumer Science agents educate families and adults on parenting, nutrition, diet and health, food safety, financial management, needs of the elderly, consumer buying skills, communication, home and personal safety, emergency preparedness, work force preparation, and business ethics. Classes are also offered to childcare providers in the areas of childcare, safety, and basic business practices. Workplace ethics, character education, and diversity seminars are made available to employers and their employees. Adults have the opportunity to join the St. Bernard Volunteers for Family and Community, Inc., a volunteer organization whose purpose is to strengthen individuals and families through education and leadership.

4-H Youth

The traditional 4-H program, designed for youth ages 9-19, is based on the principles of "learning by doing." 4-H enables young people to learn technical facts that support their classroom curriculum and life skills that support everyday living through a variety of projects. Youth are encouraged to learn, practice, and then teach their peers about character education through a series of lessons and activities. Teens are encouraged to participate in teen leadership and service-learning activities which allow them to build a foundation in life skills, job readiness skills, citizenship, and leadership. Adult and teen volunteers share their knowledge, talent, and time with youth through school and community where young people participate in learning activities relating to science, health, safety, environment, recreation and family living.

Lauren Faust, Associate Extension Agent, 4-H Youth Development
Wayne Burgess, Associate County Agent, 4-H Youth Development


This program promotes the wise and proper use of the aquatic resources of the parish. Special emphasis is placed on recommended business and managerial practices among commercial fishermen and others who depend upon products generated from water-based systems. The coastal integrity of the parish and its role in the overall quality of life is a key focal point. The program also offers educational information to recreational and commercial fishermen, seafood dealers and seafood processors concerning fisheries regulation, equipment and technology, new ideas in business management, marketing and quality control and seafood safety.

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