Sabine Spring Livestock Show 2014

Abby M. working hard with her hog at the Sabine Spring Show.

Landri L. with one of her 4-H Dairy livestock projects.

Tori T. setting up her Braford bull.

Sabine Parish had an awesome turnout for the annual Sabine Parish Spring Livestock Show at the Many Fairgrounds this year. The results are as follows:

Market Goat Show

Class I

1st  Morgan Manual
2nd Abby Manual

Class II

1st Landri Leach

Grand Champion Market Goat-Landri Leach
Reserve Champion Market Goat – Morgan Manual

Goat Breeding Show

Class I – Registered Breeding Goats

2nd Layton Byles
1st Nolan Byles

Grand Champion Breeding Goat – Nolan Byles
Reserve Champion Breeding Goat – Layton Byles

Junior Champion Goat Showmanship – Landri Leach
Senior Champion Goat Showmanship – Morgan Manual

Market Swine

Class I

3rd Malaree Beasley
1st Tucker McMillian
2nd Raylee Mitchell

Class II

2nd Sommer Jordan
3rd Jonathan Miller
1st Preston Ferguson

Class III

4th  Malaree Beasley
1st  Morgan Green
2nd Grace Manuel
3rd  Chancee Branam

Class IV

4th Trevor McLendon
3rd Sarah Kate Green
2nd Amanda Simmons
1st Christopher Williams

Class V

3rd Colton Branam
2nd Sara Kate Green
4th Abby Manual
1st Trevor McLendon

Class VI

1st Morgan Green
2nd Samantha Simmons
3rd Johnathan Miller 2870 203 3

Class VII

1st Christopher Williams
2nd Samantha Simmons

Class VIII

1st Amanda Simmons

Class IX

1st Samantha Simmons

Grand Champion Market Swine –Amanda Simmons
Reserve Champion Market Swine–Christopher Williams

Commercial Gilt

Class I

1st Amanda Simmons

Grand Champion Commercial Gilt–Amanda Simmons

Swine Showmanship

Junior Champion Swine Showmanship – Morgan Green
Intermediate Champion Swine Showmanship – Amanda Simmons
Senior Champion Swine Showmanship – Samantha Simmons

Commercial Dairy Heifer

Class I

1st Hayden Spann

Class II

1st. Landri Leach
2nd Hayden Spann

Grand Champion Dairy Commercial Heifer – Landri Leach
Reserve Champion Dairy Commercial Heifer – _Hayden Spann

Dairy Breeding

Class II – Brown Swiss Heifers

1st Baylse Salley
2st Baylse Salley

Grand Champion Brown Swiss Heifer – Baylse Salley
Reserve Champion Brown Swiss Heifer – Baylse Salley

Class I – Holstein Heifers

1st Baylse Salley

Grand Champion Holstein Heifer – Baylse Salley

Class I – Jersey Heifers

1st Blayne Salley

Grand Champion Jersey Heifer – Blayne Salley


Junior Champion Dairy Showmanship – Landri Leach
Intermediate Champion Dairy Showman- Balyse Salley
Senior Champion Dairy Showmanship – Hayden Spann

Market Steers

Class I

1st Meghan Pickett

Grand Champion Market Steer – Meghan Pickett

Commercial Heifer Brahman Influence

Class I

3rd Blayne Veuleman
2nd Emerald Terrell
1st Macy Rule

Class II

1st Tanner Browning

Class III

1st Taylor Robertson

Grand Champion Commercial Heifer Brahman Influence– Macy Rule
Reserve Champion Commercial Heifer Brahman Influence –Tanner Browning

Commercial Heifer Non - Brahman Influence

Class I

1st Chancee Branam

Class II

3rd Landri Leach
1st Emma Peace
2st Walker Rule
4st Colton Branam

Class III

1st Lora Peace

Grand Champion Commercial Heifer Non – Brahman Influence – Lora Peace
Reserve Champion Commercial Heifer Non – Brahman Influence – Emma Peace

Beef Breeding Show

Class I –Angus Heifers

1st Sommer Jordan

Grand Champion Angus Heifer – Sommer Jordan

Class I – Brangus Heifers

2nd Kilee Pickett
3rd & 4th  Gracie Brewer
1st Meghan Pickett

Grand Champion Brangus Heifer – Meghan Pickett
Reserve Champion Brangus Heifer – Kilee Pickett

Class I – Hereford Heifers

2nd Colton Branam
1st Meghan Pickett

Class II – Hereford Heifers

2nd Colton Branam
1st Chancee Branam 1

Grand Champion Hereford Heifer – Meghan Pickett
Reserve Champion Hereford Heifer – Colton Branam

Class I – Red Brangus Heifers

1st Cole Pickett

Grand Champion Red Brangus Heifer – Cole Pickett
Reserve Champion Red Brangus Heifer –

Class I – Zebu Heifers

1st Tori Townson

Grand Champion Zebu Heifer – Tori Townson

Overall Grand Champion Heifer - Meghan Pickett

Class I – Braford Bulls

1st Tori Townson

Grand Champion Braford Bull – Tori Townson

Class I – Brangus Bulls

2nd Cole Pickett
1st Meghan Pickett

Grand Champion Brangus Bull – Meghan Pickett

Reserve Champion Brangus Bull – Cole Pickett

Class I – Hereford Bulls

1st Kilee Pickett

Grand Champion Hereford Bull – Kilee Pickett

Class I – Red Brangus Bulls

1st Taylor Robertson 

Grand Champion Red Brangus Bull – Taylor Robertson

Overall Grand Champion Bull – Meghan Pickett

Beef Showmanship

Junior Champion Beef Showmanship – Emma Peace
Intermediate Champion Beef Showmanship – Kilee Pickett
Senior Champion Beef Showmanship – Taylor Robertson

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