AgCenter Offers Free Cooking Classes in Richland Parish

Danna F. Gillett  |  9/11/2012 6:19:19 PM

Parents and caregivers will get a chance to learn about nutrition and improve their cooking skills through healthy food preparation by participating in a series of five LSU AgCenter classes called “The Traveling Kitchen.” The classes will be held on Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m. beginning on October 3 at Rayville Civic Center. Participants will have the opportunity through learning and cooking skill mastery activities to learn how to make healthy choices and prepare healthy meals.

A series of five classes will be offered to participating families and will include the following topics: 1) Cooking with Skill (basic culinary and knife skills), 2) Fruits and Vegetables - More Matters, 3) Bean Magic, 4) Cooking on a Budget, and 5) Five Ingredient Meals. Parents who complete all five classes will receive a set of culinary tools in a Family Cooking Kit that they will be able to use at home.

Participants in The Traveling Kitchen program will learn to select and prepare healthy foods for their family as they develop confidence in their cooking skills. When participants are empowered to provide healthy meals for their families, the quality of life in the family will rise and will benefit all family members and ultimately the community in which they live. Through the support of The Traveling Kitchen and the LSU AgCenter Community Nutrition Programs, participants will make healthier food choices which will lead to decreased risk for chronic disease and decreased levels of obesity in their family as well as in Louisiana, which will benefit other community members by reduced demand for tax dollars to support state medical costs. Ultimately, the impact of this project will benefit other community members by reduced demand for tax dollars to support nutrition related state medical costs to combat chronic disease, obesity and food insecurity.

The Traveling Kitchen project is funded by Northeast Louisiana Children’s Coalition through funding received from the Living Well Foundation. Groups who would like to partner with the LSU AgCenter to offer this program should contact Area Nutrition Agent Danna Gillett at (318) 728-3216

Parents and caregivers who are interested in participating in The Traveling Kitchen sessions should call the Richland Parish LSU AgCenter office to register.

Danna Gillett is the Area Nutrition Agent for Richland and Morehouse Parishes.  The above article appeared in The Richland Beacon and the Delhi Dispatch on Thursday, September 12, 2012.

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