Horticulture & Forestry

Horticulture in Rapides Parish ranges from the nursery industry in Forest Hill to pecan groves following the Red River, to the multitude of backyard gardens in all the communities within the parish. The LSU AgCenter endeavors to facilitate Horticulture in the parish and provide the services individuals need to grow and thrive in their gardens. Efforts are made to ensure that the nursery industry, one of the crown jewels of the state, can continue to serve the community and the nation as it has for generations. The same support is also available to the pecan industry to help it continue to be part of the cultural and economic heritage of the state. For those interested in home gardens extension associates are available to help you on your gardening adventures. There is a Master Gardener group in the parish as well for those that are interested in continuing their education in Horticulture.

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