Major Responsibilities of 4-H Club Officers

Jeanne Glaser  |  8/4/2010 11:57:50 PM


  1. Plan each meeting with the school 4-H leader and other officers one week before 4-H meeting. Complete 4-H Club Planning Worksheet and turn it in at monthly club meeting.
  2. Conduct each 4-H meeting at school.
  3. Make sure the vice-president has planned a special program (game, skit, reading, guest speaker, project report or demonstration) for each meeting.
  4. Make sure all planned community service activities are carried out.
  5. Check with other officers and make sure they are doing their jobs.


  1. Post meeting notices at school before each 4-H club meeting so that members will know the date, time and place for all 4-H club meetings.
  2. Put up posters announcing 4-H events and activities.
  3. Plan a special program (game, skit, reading, guest speaker, project report or demonstration) for each meeting.
  4. Help the president in every way you can.


  1. Keep the minutes of each 4-H meeting. This means you need to take notes at each meeting about what is going on. Write the minutes in your secretary’s book.
  2. Read the minutes at each club meeting.
  3. Keep a record of the names of the club members and their attendance.
  4. Help the president in every way you can.
  5. Submit secretary’s minutes on record book due date for competition.


  1. Keep a record of the money that your club has.
  2. Know how much money is spent and how it is spent.
  3. Report the money situation to the club members at each meeting.
  4. Help the president in every way you can.


  1. Pay close attention at each meeting and take notes on who participates in all activities.
  2. From your meeting notes, write a newspaper article, have it typed and bring it to the Pointe Coupee Banner Office in New Roads. Work with club photographer in submitting a picture to go with your article.
  3. Cut the newspaper article out of the paper and keep it in a scrapbook or notebook.
  4. Report on your news article at each meeting.
  5. You can write as many articles as you want to, as long as your school 4-H leader approves the article.
  6. Submit reporter scrapbook when record books are due for competition.
  7. Make sure you keep in touch with the club members about any awards they win at livestock shows and other 4-H contests and include this information in your news articles.
  8. The reporter’s report at the club meeting should not be the secretary’s minutes. It should be what you wrote and sent to the newspaper.


  1. Before each meeting, set up table and chairs for the 4-H club officers.
  2. Display the American and 4-H Flags on this table.
  3. Use your parliamentary procedure pamphlet to give pointers to your club.
  4. Pointers should relate to 4-H and parliamentary procedure.
  5. Keep order during the 4-H meetings. Don’t let the members make a lot of noise.
  6. Your job is more than a name keeper.
  7. Help the other officers.

Community Resource Development (CRD) Chairman:

  1. Plan a community service or develop a community study for your club to participate in.
  2. Develop and work with a CRD committee to carry out the activity.
  3. Keep a record of all CRD projects your club does by filling out your CRD report form. Enter forms when 4-H record books are due for competition.
  4. Report on the month’s CRD project at the club meetings.


  1. Take pictures of 4-H’ers during club meetings.
  2. Take pictures of 4-H’ers at your club’s activities or 4-H’ers participating in parish events.
  3. Work with club reporter in submitting your pictures with reporter’s article to The Pointe Coupee Banner.
  4. For photographer’s report: show your club any pictures that were printed in The Pointe Coupee Banner. Also, show club pictures you took the month before. Don’t forget to include a caption to explain what’s going on.
  5. Display your pictures on an exhibit board in your school for all to see.
  6. Turn in a photographer’s scrapbook of pictures along with captions you have taken throughout the year of your club when record books are due to the 4-H Office for competition.

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