Theme: Green Beef


  • Posters must be on “22 x 28” poster board only. Place your name, address, age, grade in school, and parish/chapter on back, upper right corner of poster.
  • Digital entries must be designed using one of the following programs: Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Canva. Digital designs should be formatted for “22 x 28” poster size prints. All digital entries must be saved in high-resolution 300 DPI in ALL of the following: original design file, .png file format, and .pdf file format. Digital designs should be saved to a blank jump drive, placed in a 3 ½ x 6 blank envelope labeled with name, address, age, grade in school, and parish/chapter on the front.
  • Posters and digital designs should generate positive images and promotion of beef (not live cattle production) using the indicated theme. Posters should promote beef without projecting any negative messages towards other agricultural commodities (chicken, pork, etc.).
  • Do not use copyrighted materials • You may develop ideas from magazines, parents, friends, nutrition bulletins, Beef Ambassador Fact Sheets and meat publications but the end concept should be original and not copied material.
    • No templates may be used in the digital division. All design work must be original and from scratch, just as a poster would be designed.
    • Pictures, clip-art and materials (i.e. cartoon characters, advertisements, logos, etc.) that are copyrighted may not be used on the poster. The poster will be disqualified if copyrighted materials are used.
    • Computer generated clip-art may be used on the poster if it is not copyrighted material.
    • Materials to pull ideas from are also available from your local supermarket, butcher, the American Meat Institute and National Livestock and Meat Board.


  • The contest is open to 4-H and FFA members between 4th and 12th grade.
  • Participants are only eligible to win the state level contest one time.
  • 4-H and FFA divisions compete against each other and therefore participants may only enter as EITHER a 4-H or FFA poster or design.
  • Digital competitors must choose to compete in EITHER the poster OR digital competition, participants CANNOT participate in both divisions in the same year.
  • Posters and designs submitted to the state copetition become the property of the LSU AgCenter and Louisiana Beef Industry Council. The state winning posters may be used to promote beef at various events. Posters in local and parish contests shoukd be displayed in public places such as grocery stores, drug stores, farm stores, banks, libraries, schools, Extension offices, etc.


  • Division 1: 4th-6th grades
  • Division 2: 7th-9th grades
  • Division 3: 10th-12th grades
  • Division DIGITAL: Open division. All ages compete together.


  • First place: state winning posters in each division will receive $200.00 sponsored by the Louisiana Beef Industry Council
  • Second place: state winning posters in each division will receive $100.00 sponsored by the Louisiana Beef Industry Council
  • Third place: state winning posters in each division will receive $50.00 sponsored by the Louisiana Beef Industry Council


Louisiana Beef Industry Council

Due March 25th to the 4-H Office!


  • No dishes will be entered with this contest.

  • Each 4-H’er may enter a maximum of two (2) posters at the area contest, but only one (1) per commodity. Each commodity will have a Junior Division (Grades 4-6) and Senior Division (Grades 7-12).
  • Posters should be on 22” x 28” sheet of any color poster paper.
  • All posters must contain at least one 4-H clover (at least 3” x 3”) prominently placed on the poster.
  • Each poster should contain nutritional value of the commodity and a recipe using the appropriate amount of the commodity as listed. The recipe should be handwritten or typed on the recipe form included with this packet.
  • 4-H’ers name, grade, school and parish must be placed on the back of the poster in the upper left corner.
  • No items attached to the poster should be more than ¼ inch thick.

Awards: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place and Blue, Red and White Ribbon groups will be given in each category. Monetary awards will also be given for the top three places: 1st place $30, 2nd place $20, 3rd place $10.


  • Rice – Recipe must contain at least one cup of uncooked rice or two cups of cooked rice (white or brown rice). If contestant is using rice bran instead of rice, the recipe must contain at least ¼ cup of rice bran. Wild rice is acceptable as long as there are two cups of cooked white or brown rice also included in the recipe.
  • Pecan – Recipe must contain at least one cup of pecans. Any type pecan recipe may be entered.
  • Sweet Potato – Any type sweet potato recipe may be entered. Recipe must contain a minimum of one cup of fresh, canned, or frozen sweet potatoes.
  • Egg – Recipe must utilize a minimum of four (4) eggs. This can be four whites, four yolks or four whole eggs. The recipe with four eggs must make only one standard size dish. For example, a recipe with four eggs that makes two pies of standard size will not qualify. Any type egg recipe may be entered.
  • Chicken – Recipe must contain a minimum of two (2) pounds bone-in or one (1) pound deboned chicken meat. Any type chicken recipe may be entered.
  • Beef – The recipe must contain a minimum of one (1) pound of beef. Any type beef recipe may be entered.

Due March 22nd to the 4-H Office!

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