How Has the AgCenter Benefited You?

Gary Stockton  |  3/11/2011 12:43:25 AM

Gary Stockton is the Parish Chair and County Agent for Lincoln Extension Service office.

This article originally ran in the Ruston Daily Leader on March 15, 2011, and you may also view this article at the Fount's web site.

Often I get a phone call or a visit from someone that tells me how helpful the information they received from the LSU AgCenter was to them. They talk about the effect that it made on their family and/or business. My usual response is to thank them for the kind words. It has always made me feel good to hear from someone that has utilized the educational services of the LSU AgCenter and hearing that those services had a positive impact on them.

During the last couple of years with all the state and federal budget cuts, the LSU AgCenter’s budget has been cut drastically and the forecast for the next fiscal year doesn’t look any better. With the economic situation being what it is, state and federal legislators have to make decisions on where to make cuts. When making these decisions we want to make sure that our legislators are informed on the effect that these cuts will be making. Therefore, I think that it’s time that all our local, state and federal politicians hear from those of you that have utilized the services of the LSU AgCenter to let them know the importance that you place on the educational services received from the LSU AgCenter.

The LSU AgCenter is one of 11 institutions within the Louisiana State University System. The LSU AgCenter’s mission is to provide the people of Louisiana with research-based educational information that will improve their lives and economic well-being. The LSU AgCenter includes the Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Stations, which conduct agricultural-based research, and the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service, which extends the knowledge derived from research to the people of the state. The LSU AgCenter plays an integral role in supporting agricultural industries, enhancing the environment, and improving the quality of life through its 4-H youth, family and consumer sciences and community development programs.

I realized that some may not be familiar with the name LSU AgCenter but have still utilized our services. You have utilized the services of the LSU AgCenter if you have ever been involved in 4-H Club programs, called the County Agent about lawn or garden problems, attended parenting classes, or participated in many other classes, programs, displays or demonstrations. Some of you know us by are names which are Gary Stockton, Cathy Judd, Amanda Simmons, Margaret Henderson, and Heather Eppinette. While others know us by titles like the County Agent, Home Economist, Family and Consumer Scientist, or the 4-H Agents. I’ve even heard kids refer to me to their parents as the 4-H dude. The staff in this office wears many hats. So many that it would be impossible to list everything that we do.

Again, if you have had a positive impact from the LSU AgCenter, start letting those local, state, and federal decision makers know. If you are not familiar with the AgCenter give us and call and let’s talk about what we can do for you.

Please contact me if there are any questions.

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