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Cathy Judd is the Lincoln Parish Nutrition Agent with the LSU AgCenter.

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School will be out soon for summer break! One of families’ favorite past times is vacationing during the summer. If you are one of the lucky families that will be traveling with children during spring break, here are some tips that will make your trip more enjoyable:

1) Pack light. If you’re traveling by plane, you want to take as little as possible with you. Consider buying what you need when you reach your destination.

2) Pack extra. There are some things you just can’t do without. If you’re not sure if you can find what you need for your children or yourself at your final destination, bring it with you.

3) Bring an extra change of clothes for you and your baby. It is amazing how many outfits’ babies go through in the course of a day. If you’re on the plane and your baby throws up, you are prepared. You and baby will feel better if you arrive at your destination clean and fresh.

4) Allow extra travel time. When traveling with kids, it’s always a good idea to allow extra travel time. Allow time for bathroom stops, snacks, and overcrowded roads.

5) Look for kid friendly places for kids to get some energy out. If you’re driving, look for parks, schools, and fast food restaurants with play areas.

6) Bring something for your children to do on the trip. This doesn’t have to be expensive. Colors and paper are great. Hand held travel games are fun. My girls travel well with a walk-man and their favorite CD’s when they were younger. Now we have a DVD player in the car and they have their own music on their iPod’s. Younger children enjoy stories on tape/CD. Games like I spy- (the item you spy can be colors or objects) this game is fun for everyone. While traveling my family also plays name that movie. One person states a line from a movie; the person who guesses the movie then takes a turn.

7) Pack a surprise for your child. This will help make the trip special, too. The surprise doesn’t have to be expensive. It can be a book, audiotape of a favorite storybook, coloring book, or something you picked up from the dollar store.

8) Consider your child’s schedule. You know your child best. If your young child takes naps, scheduling a flight during naptime is probably not a good idea.

9) Maintain a positive attitude. Remember you’re on vacation! This should be a memorable time. Be patient and use your best manners.

10) Enjoy yourself. You’re lucky to have the opportunity to spend time with your kids. You’ll want to capture the memories—bring plenty of film.

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