Holiday Tips for Families

When families gather for the holidays, gifts are exchanged and relationships are renewed. Gifts don't have to come in packages. They can be delivered through words and actions. One of the greatest gifts during the holiday season that grandparents or older family memories can share with their families is the gift of family memories. Families are encouraged this year to use the holiday season as an opportunity to discuss traditions your family has enjoyed.

Families build strength when they share family customs. Traditions give family members a sense of belonging, and they strengthen values and beliefs.
When children and teens participate in family activities, it helps them see the importance of family. Traditions don’t have to be costly or grandiose. They can be as simple as baking holiday cookies with Grandma or caroling with family. If you can’t think of any family traditions, try to recall happy times with your own grandparents and share those with your children or grandchildren.

Families can start new traditions. Ask your children or grandchildren what activities they would like repeated each holiday season. These activities should have special meaning and reinforce memories of your family. Try some of these ideas for simple family activities that could become your own holiday traditions:

– Holiday baking: Make cookies or quick breads to eat together and share with others.

– Share with others: Visit neighbors, friends or shut-ins.

– Prepare a special recipe that has been handed down through the generations for holiday meals. Let the children help.

– Holiday movies or books: Set aside a time to watch holiday TV specials together or rent holiday movies to watch together. Read special holiday poems or books. Look for stories that have meaning for your family.

– Give to others: Shop for gifts or food for a needy family.

The greatest gift is the gift of family. Family ties can be strengthened through traditions. The important thing is to do activities together as a family to build memories.

For additional information about families, contact Kim Evans, the LSU AgCenter Extension agent in LaSalle Parish. This office is located in Room 22 of the Courthouse and the telephone number is 992-2205.

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