Egg Poultry & Seafood and Healthy Boxed Lunch and Ambassador Contests

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Date for Contests: January 20, 2014
Pre-register: By 1/16/2014
Check-In: 4:30 p.m
Judging: 5:00 p.m.
Room: Extension Meeting Room (23), Courthouse

Bring only half of the dish to be judged. Dishes are prepared by 4-H’er at home the night before the cookery, chilled and transported to the contest on ice, in an ice chest. Exhibit only half of the dish along with recipe. It is suggested that dish be in disposable container. Contestants will display their dishes on table to be judged, along with recipe. Do not put your name on recipe. 1st, 2nd, & 3rd places will be given for each division and category. You may enter only one dish per division. 1st place winners will have the opportunity to compete in the regional cookery in Alexandria on March 24, 2015.


Categories are: *Appetizer/Salad *Main Dish *Dessert

Egg Requirements - No raw eggs allowed in the final product. The dish must use at least (4) eggs. They may be whole eggs, egg whites, egg yolks or any combination as long as at least four eggs are used.


Dish may be any type: Appetizer, Salad, Main Dish, or Snack.
Categories are: *Chicken *Other

Poultry Requirements:
Chicken - Recipe must contain at least 2 pounds bone-in chicken or 1 pound de-boned chicken. Chicken includes any of the following: Fryer, Capon, Roaster, Broiler, Baking Hen, and Cornish or Game Hen.
Other Poultry - A dish which contains any poultry other than chicken mentioned. This dish should not include special processed poultry, such as marinated products, nuggets, franks, smoked, or canned poultry, etc.

Note: Any dish containing turkey items should be entered in this division.


Categories are: * LA Catfish * LA Crab *LA Shrimp *LA Crawfish *LA Other Seafood

Seafood Requirements - A recipe must use at least one cup of seafood. Seafood must be fresh, frozen, pasteurized or dried. Canned seafood will not be acceptable. * Entries may contain a small amount of second seafood but not more than ½ of the total amount of the seafood in the recipe, but must be ½ of cup or less. Surimi, an artificial crab made from fish cannot be used. *There can be no raw seafood in the final dish. LA Other Seafood must contain at least 1 cup of seafood other than catfish, crab, shrimp and crawfish

Healthy Boxed Lunch

Create a lunch that could be eaten at school by a student age 9-12. Follow “MyPlate” recommendations at Each competitor will transport their Healthy Box or “Bento” Lunch to the contest packed in a portable, lock-top, and leak proof container, chilled and on ice.

Do not include a drink. No raw egg, raw seafood, or raw meat protein is allowed.

Commodity Ambassador Contests

Categories - *Egg *Chicken *Turkey *Seafood *Sugar

Division I - Grades 4-6 Contestants designs (a) standard poster (22” x 28”) relating to one of the categories listed above (b) presents a 2-3 minutes explanation of poster project (c) responds to questions from judges.

Division II - Grades 7-9 Contestant design (a) standard poster 22” x 28” relating to one of the above categories; (b) members prepare an essay not to exceed 500 words or 3 typed pages, (12-14 spaces per inch) double spaced about the selected subject; (c) present a 2-3 minute explanation of the subject; (d) responds to questions from judges.

Division III - Grades 10-12 Contestants will present a 5-8 minute illustrated talk related to one of the categories listed. Posters or PowerPoint presentations may be used. Costumes based on theme are acceptable. No notes or outlines, other than wording on the poster are to be used while giving the presentation.

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