4-H Junior Leadership Conference

Kimberly A. Evans  |  1/8/2013 9:27:00 PM

High school 4-H club members are invited to attend the 2013 JLC to be held March 8-10, 2013. With the theme, “There’s No Place Like JLC”, 4-H members will work with other youth in the state to develop leadership and teamwork skills. The cost of the camp is $70 and the deadline for registration is January 29, 2013. Limited spaces are available. The camp features a variety of workshops focused on leadership development, communications, teamwork, service-learning, youth-adult partnerships and time management.  

Tracks include:

Service-Learning: Find Your Heart with the Tin Man
Get ready to click your ruby slippers to change your community and make the Emerald City a better place. In this track, you will learn the effects of distracted driving and what difference you can make. Also, you will be able to help assemble blankets that will be given to cancer patients around the state. So be ready to work hand and hand with the Tin Man to find your heart through service learning!

Teamwork: Ease on Down the Road
With a whirlwind of fun, we’ll travel together to the Emerald City. Team challenges will be faced as we ease on down the Yellow Brick Road. Throughout our journey; we will use our hearts to gain everlasting friendships, our minds to solve our problems, and our courage to face challenges. So remember, teamwork is key to find that there’s no place like JLC!

Leadership: You’re Not in Kansas Anymore
Learn to lead from your heart and find your courage as you learn how to speak publicly. The knowledge you gain from this track will set you on your journey to success and the Emerald City.. Make your dreams a reality with the Leadership Track!

Life Skills: Building Your Future, Brick by Yellow Brick
Are you ready to set out on your own Yellow Brick Road? If you need help building the road to a successful future, join the Life Skills Track to learn about the career preparation, decision making, teamwork, communication, and leadership skills that you will need to build your future - brick by yellow brick.

Outdoor track: Lost in the corn field
On your way to the Emerald City, you might have to get off the road and travel the trail of survival. Don’t be a cowardly lion, sign up for “Lost in the Corn field—Outdoor track”! We can teach you skills such as archery, wilderness cooking and first aid, and fishing. With these skills, you can combat the wicked witch of the west, make it to Emerald City, and have a great time doing it.

SET: Be the Wiz!
We know what you're thinking. You'd join the SET Track if you only had a brain. In the SET track, you don't have to be a wiz to have fun and to learn new skills. Visit the lollipop guild, send Dorothy off in a rocket, and create your own ending to how Dorothy gets home with a video. With Science, Engineering, and Technology, you can have the courage to get Dorothy home and discover a place over the rainbow.

Healthy Living: Somewhere Over the Rainbow
In the Healthy Living track you will put your leadership skills in action as you learn about eating a rainbow and other important Eat 4-Health facts that will help you on this magical journey.
Participants will receive tips on becoming a Healthy Living Ambassador in their parishes and a basket of gold (lessons) they can use. There will be a special guest appearance by Toto (Dr. Health E Hound).

If you are unable to download the registration form below, call the LSU AgCenter in LaSalle Parish at 318-992-2205.
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