Debbie Melvin  |  7/30/2010 1:52:07 AM

Exer-games focus on strength training, aerobics, yoga and balance games performed using a small white balance board. It’s fun and it’s not just for kids.

The American Council on Exercise conducted a study, just on the aerobic type exer-games, to determine whether using them provided enough cardiovascular benefit to meet physical activity guidelines. First of all, they made the point that choosing these games over typical sedentary video games is a good decision. Stating that anything is better than nothing, they were a little bit underwhelmed with the intensity of some of the exercises. In their words, it is a very, very mild workout. Since using the exer-game alone may not produce results that meet physical activity guidelines, they recommended that individuals participate in additional exercises to effectively reach these guidelines.

The study authors instead suggested that the suite of exer-games that includes tennis, boxing, golf and bowling, would be a better option and more capable of helping you meet minimum intensity guidelines for exercise.

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