4-H Twig Collections

Twig collection poster.

Start now to prepare for next year's Achievement Day forestry contest -- make a tree twig collection!

When leaves are not on trees in winter, you can identify trees by the winter twigs and buds. Twigs with their attached buds must be collected in the winter. If you made a leaf collection earlier this year, you can return to the same trees and make a winter twig collection.

Mounting Twigs and Buds:

1. Use white poster board 22 by 28 inches. Mount twigs the long way across the page.
2. Use winter twigs with terminal bud attached (4 inches long.)
3. Cut the twig at an angle to expose pith. This can be helpful in identification. Start ½ inches from the end, and slope to the center.
4. Print the name of the tree below the specimen.
5. Space twigs 2 inches from top and 2 inches from left side of sheet. Space the ends of woods 1 inch apart.
6. Fasten or glue twigs to poster board.
7. Put your name in lower right hand corner.

You must have a minimum of 25 specimens in order to qualify, but you can have more.

NOTE: You must submit a fresh mounted collection of twigs/buds every year. You cannot use twigs/buds from previous years.


a. Any member may participate.
b. Submit a fresh mounted collection of twigs and buds according to forestry
book specifications on poster.
c. Must have at least 25 specimens in order to qualify.
d. Exhibit must be submitted in March or April (prior to Achievement Day).
e. Scoring: 3 points per correctly identified specimen; 1 point for each incorrect identification; 25 points for organization and appearance

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