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4-H Camp will be an experience you will never forget. Come join the fun as you swim, canoe and line dance. You will be ready for our nightly dances when you learn the electric slide, bunny hop and footloose.

While at camp you will enjoy meeting new friends, experience working together as a team, great educational programs such as canoeing, fitness, and much, much, more. You will also have plenty of free time while you're at camp, so you can choose to swim, dance, play board games, create crafts, watch movies, play volleyball, softball, badminton, ping-pong and more!

It will be held on our facility that has been used as the state 4-H summer camp for more than 88 years. In fact, it is the oldest 4-H camp in the South! The theme for this year’s camp will be decided on in January.  We will post the theme once a decision is made.  

4-H Camp is the state wide event that is both an educational and fun learning experience. The event is held in Pollock, Louisiana on our 100-acre campsite at the Grant Walker 4-H Educational Center. The facility is located on Highway 8 about 15 miles northeast of Alexandria. During the summer, each parish’s members will have the opportunity to experience a one week camping experience. The scheduled parishes rotate throughout ten weeks of summer camp beginning in early June through the second week in August.

The experience will begin as we board school buses on Monday morning departing for this experience and will conclude on Friday by mid-day. Lafayette Parish can offer approximately 156 4th, 5th and 6th grade boys and girls this opportunity annually. Rules for acceptance and participation in the program are the same for everyone without regard to race, color, national origin, age, gender or handicap.

Each of our elementary 4-H clubs will have a minimum of four representatives that can participate in the 4-H camping experience. To be eligible to be selected as a school representative, the 4-H member must complete a 4-H Camp Application and turn it in to your
4-H Organizational Leader at your school club by the published deadline.

The 4-H Camp Applications are given out at the club meetings in February of each year and a copy of the form will be posted on our Contest Rules & Forms Page.  They are due to be completed and returned to the leader in mid-February.  Campers will be selected based on need and their involvement in the program.  Lafayette Parish is scheduled to camp the week of July 15-19, 2013.     

For more information on camp, please visit the LSU AgCenter web site at: www.louisiana4h.org

What 4-H Parents Should Know?

Camping is one of the most valuable experiences a child can have. It’s a learning experience that helps boys and girls appreciate the outdoors, live together as a group, get along with others and appreciate people with different interest and backgrounds.

One of the important things children learn from camp is to be self-sufficient. That is, they learn they can survive for four whole days on their own.

The campers are provided three meals and snacks each day. Snacks include bottled water, soft drinks, fruit, and crackers. The campers will only need minimal amount of money while at camp. The will be responsible for their meal on Monday at a fast food restaurant, however they can purchase some inexpensive items in our camp store. A list of items will be sent home in the informational packet prior to camp to decide exactly what amount to send.

4-H Agents, volunteer leaders, and teen counselors from each parish attend and stay in the cabins with the campers. The LSU AgCenter, Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service has implemented a background screening process and training process for all volunteers that will be chaperoning youth while at camp.


We will continue utilizing the new process that was developed through our advisory committee process last year. All members interested in attending camp will need to complete an application and return it to your school leader. Youth should complete the attached application form based on their involvement and participation in the program.

To help make is possible for every 4-H boy and girl to go to camp at least one time, Grant Walker 4-H Educational Center operates on a non-profit basis; cost are as low as possible.  The Lafayette 4-H Foundation, Inc. will assist each member by covering $20.00 towards each camper's registration fees.   

In addition to the camp's wonderful history, the expenses for camp are above and beyond the registration fees that have been collected. With consideration of the extremely tight budget, an administrative decision was made to increase the camp registration to $175.00.  Given the current budget situation, this fee increase is necessary to continuing improving our facilities as well as the  quality of the camping program.  

We realize that this is a significant increase in cost; however, this increase is necessary if we are to maintain and increase our educational programs at camp. Camp has updated its technology for members and has air-conditioned the buildings and will continue to offer a high quality educational/interactive program tracks as well as many group activities and free time. In addition, we are working on making continual improvements to the existing facility as well as the adjacent 30 acre facility that was recently purchased.

Individual camp fees must be paid to parish agents, so these fees are collected through the informational packet sent out through the parish office.  Once campers are selected in March, you will be notified with more specific information on time, camp payment and schedule details. At that time a $50.00 non-refundable deposit will be needed to reserve your spot.  Camp pictures and T-shirts are available for each camp at an additional charge. This information will be provided in the informational packet.

The 4-H Camp Experience

Louisiana 4-H Youth Resident Summer Camp is more than just fun and games. 4-H Camp strives to develop a variety of life skills related to Head, Heart, Hands and Health. One of the most important skills children learn from camp is self-sufficiency. That is, they learn how to survive four whole days on their own.   Here are some of the survey responses that were gathered from campers and their parents. 

    Camper Stats

  1. 100% learned to do their share when working with others.
  2. 98% met new people they would like to stay in touch with and want to go back to camp next year.
  3. 93% learned to complete jobs they were responsible for and the importance of being on time.

    Parent Stats 

    1.    100% felt the benefit that camp had on their children outweighed the cost and were glad they 
            sent their children to camp. 
    2.    93% reported that their children were more willing to try new things after camp. 
    3.    90% felt their children gained confidence from camp. 
    4.    91% believed camp helped them respect others


Don’t pass up this opportunity to meet new people and “Make the Best Better” our 4-H motto. Make every effort to be as active as possible in the 4-H program in order to be part of our “Happy Camping Team”. Be watching for your 4-H Camp Application in March to be completed and return it to your school’s organizational leader. If you have questions, please contact the 4-H Agents: Angie Arnould, Nikki Mouch or Charles Hebert.

More information will be mailed directly to members that 
are selected in March.

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